Day 7 – & let's face it – it's freezing in Edinburgh!

Farmers Market Finds

This mornings cycle to Bristo Yoga School was a frosty one – already the cold wintery weather is kicking in…
This made me think of all the juice feast juice heros out there – probably huddled at home around their heater, wrapped in blankets.
As I taught the class this morning I looked around at the rosy pink cheeks of the students, the sweat running off some of them and their satisfied relaxation as we complete the practice.
Juice is cooling, no doubt about it.
And tea helps but it doesn’t give you that deep heat from your bones.
Yoga however is a like placing a burning coal right in your center!
I’ve been teaching hot yoga of late and that is even more powerful, vinyasa flow classes certainly do the trick too.
It’s a funny feeling when the heat starts to build we almost resist it even though feeling cold we were complaining…
I say go there, dive in and get toasty!
Crank up the standing posses, sink lower in your lunges, breathe in to you lungs and stoke the fire in your belly!
Agni means “fire” in Sanskrit — the Creative Fire of the Universe.


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