Light Saber Moment

There is a memorable Star Wars moment during the light saber duel between the fallen Jedi Count Dooku and Master Yoda during Episode II: Attack of the Clones.
After several clashes of their light sabers with spinning leaps and maneuvers, Yoda finally says:
“Fought well you have, my old Padawan.”
Count Dooku replies:
“This is just the beginning.”

It really is only the beginning.

While preparing my juice this evening I looked down at the green you see above and those very words came to my mind.
“This is just the beginning.”
After 7 days of just juice, we have been given an opportunity to consider, wonder, consciously choose what’s next.
Your life is *bursting* with moments like this.
Where you are given the chance to choose one path or the other,
to go towards reaching your fullest potential,
to grow…
Of corse, which path you choose depends very much on where you are now.
10 years ago I would have looked at this pile of green and laughed – “I’m not drinking that”.
Now I say with so much gratitude for the experiences I have had,
and with more than just health on my mind,
– “let’s do this” –


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