How do you feel when you hear the words: "This practice should become your life…." ?

Some thoughts on todays post practice, pre-new moon conference :: It was invaluable…

So, how do you feel when you hear the words: “This practice should become your life….” ?

I am guessing, you could hear this in one of 2 ways….

1) Make this practice your identity, the one and only thing you do, renounce, *become* your yoga practice, don’t talk to anyone who does not do this, hide from society, only come out for 2 hours each day to visit your mat. When you are there tire yourself until incapable of doing anything else…! Sounds crazy! Right?

OR… and this is the point…

2) Translate what you heard differently… stop hearing the crazy, drama-filled, insane things you want to hear… stop judging this practice and what people say about it, with your tinted glasses of doubt…
Hear this for what it truly is… Yoga practice on the mat not only teaches you about what is going on on a physical level, it  prepares you for life off the mat – in that way it ‘becomes your life’…
It pin points fears, doubts, weaknesses that when we address them and work through them, they will naturally transform your life off the mat.

But know this for sure – nobody said it was going to be easy!

As Sarah put it today in conference –

72,000 energy lines/nadis… potentially hundreds of blockages are there… those blockages inside you may have been forming for 5, 10 or 20 years, they don’t want to shift that easily, they’ll put up a good fight! So, it might not be the easy path but for sure, it is the most effective…”

Therefore, if your teachers tell you to make the Ashtanga practice your life, it doesn’t mean, give up your day job and/or turn up for work a wreck cause you just busted it out on the mat – this is not just about sweating and tearing your physical body to shreds.
It is in fact to use the practice as a tool for what is to come. AFTERWARDS.

All too often we hear something like that statement above and we instantly think someone is trying to change us, to make us just like them… boy do we love a drama right!? A scandal! Something to hate on!

No, that is not what this is about!

When you change the way you see or hear this idea of making the practice your life
– because it is there to serve you, evolve and unfold you – there are many hidden gems that await you.

Trusting the process, getting stuck into it and diggin’ deep is what it is all about.
Allowing the lessons that come, to come!
Sit with the anxiety, the frustration, the desperate, fearful, torturous feelings… become close with them, listen to them and unfold…
From here you will expand with every breath.
That torture of being with your own self was the gateway…
Indeed  it is the opposite of what you were thinking…
Freedom is there.


One thought on “How do you feel when you hear the words: "This practice should become your life…." ?

  1. maria van liew says:

    Ooh! Love this! I’ve had to let practice time cede often to work deadlines this week, but I shaped my approach to surely get in a luscious practice this morning despite a bear of a day because by 6pm I would be on a plane. You have to allow practice and its application waltz through your week, not trample like the bulls at San Fermin. Sometimes a simmer is just fine.

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