How to Tuesday…

I had an awesome weekend.
Monday was a Moon Day which made the weekend even better,
I also had an awesome Moon Day hanging out with my yoga homegals Sarah Hatcher and Karen Breneman making super hero plans for 2013.
So, when Tuesday came I realized, while absorbing myself in these wonderful moments… it had been 2 days without recipes on the wee yogi blog! Shock horror!

And thus I bring to you…. (small drum roll if you please)…

*’How To Tuesday’*

I did a lot this weekend & as a result have a lot of ‘How To’ moments for you.
Check it out ~

#1 How To Shop ::

  • Local and/or ethically sourced, organic, colorful, interesting, tasty ♥

#2 How To Make Raw Pumpkin Seed Cheese ::

  • Blend 250g soaked Raw Pumpkin Seeds (’tis the time for pumkins!) until very smooth (VitaMix moment)
  • Add 3-5 doses of probiotics (I use BioKult)
  • Place into muslin cloth/nut mylk bag and squeeze out as much as your wee arm can manage and tie closed tight
  • Place into strainer (see above) over a bowl to catch the drips
  • Leave at room temp (in Scotland it might be best to put this in your airing cupboard!) 😉
  • Taste in 48-72 hours. The longer you leave it the cheesier it gets (don’t go for more than 3 days.
  • Add lemon, paprika and nutmeg at the end to make this yummier.
  • Serve (as above or as desired) with salad and raw crackers.

#3 How To Make The Best Ever Green Soup ::

  • Do not be afraid of eating whole living foods!
  • Find a beautiful (yes beautiful) mixed green salad. Don’t choose the one that has stuff in you don’t like when it is not blended. Blending will not change the taste!!! Simple lettuce mixes are a good starting point.
  • BLEND! High speed for 1 minute.
  • Garnish with: Engevita Nutritional Yeast Flakes (not raw but tasty and good for learner drivers!), Apple Cider Vinegar ( (add a little, taste then add more as you like), Green Nori Sprinkles (from the health food store), Hemp Seeds.
  • Spoon and bowl are important, choose your favorite and slurp away!

#4 How To Make a Beautiful Salad ::

  • Feel happy.
  • Eat flowers, simple ♥

#5 How To Make A Simple Dish Exciting ::

  • Remember this blog? ‘Keep it simple ~ Keep it sweet’
  • Well, take that and now add another dimension… in fact add whatever you like.
  • I took 250g blueberries, one pear and simply added 3 ripe cactus fruit (see the bright pink fruit above – they are beautiful! Plus they are great for the urinary tract & digestive system) – I found at my local organic supplier, who told me they were form a carbon neutral shipment, ripe and ready to eat. At £1 a pop, I really couldn’t say no – these babies take me right back to dry heat Arizona – yummmmmy! Be careful when you peel – hold with a tea towel to avoid the teeny tiny prickly needles!

Thanks for reading – that was ‘How To Tuesday’, this is now almost Wednesday; “goodnight!”
Oh my, I just noticed how colorful this blog was – Yay! Success!

Any Questions/Comments?
↓ PLEASE post them below ↓


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