Mat Ashes

From practicing in the quiet of Dunkeld this weekend, just Lorna & I while the guest are still sleeping…

… to the prana station, power house of Early Morning Mysore room at Bristo Yoga School…

This morning I unrolled my mat and found the physical embers from the open fire this weekend trodden in.
I smiled at this perfect metaphor beneath my feet…
That, is exactly why I do this….”

I recalled Lorna telling me one morning that the soot & ash from the fire should be gathered with the rest of the compost we collected over the course of the 3 days.
Apparently ash is the perfect complement to good compost.
Compost ~ decayed organic material…
Ashes ~ the burnt remains of something destroyed…

Consider this if you will: What  useless debris might be left if we do not start stocking our inner fire now?

With that, I inhale, I exhale. The bellows get to work. Everyday. No matter where I unroll my mat or find myself.
I don’t do what I do for the mindless gathering of things I can keep (although there are many *tools* we should collect on the way to keep this fire burning!)…
I do what I do to learn to accept that which must be thrown into the fire.
I throw myself in to the fire everyday.
The burned up dross becomes the fertilizer for seeds of intention that were sown.
And?! We rise renewed like a Phoenix from the ashes!

Wow! It is quite incredible what 3 days in the Scottish countryside eating 100% organic raw food, practicing mindful yoga and actions can do for a girl 😉


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