Raw Food & Yoga Retreat in DUNKELD ~ Photos!

I cannot believe that it has been one week since the retreat in Dunkeld.
This time last week we were settling in to our 2nd yoga practice of a long weekend at Eastwood House.
The fires were roaring and we were in for a luxurious weekend with a beautiful Autumnal backdrop.
Here’s a taster of what we got up to (…many thanks to Sabine Hellmann for such beautiful shots).
Watch this space for the next Yoga & Raw Food Retreat with Wee Yogi & Ziggy’s :: COMING SOON!

A cosy home for 3 days...

Fires keep the house full of life...

The biggest veg delivery we've ever seen!

Lorna creating...

An example of Lorna's finest creations... Thai Curry (100% raw vegetable based ingredients!)

Enjoying a dessert after a long 'hard' day of yoga, walks and blissful relaxation...

100% gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, uncooked yumminess ~ Pumpkin Pie & Ice 'cream' w. warm chocolate elixir

Susan & Lorna talk 'Yoga & Raw Food' ~ *WHY*?

Your hosts - after a wake up jump in the River Tay (NB: it is OCTOBER in Scotland!!!)


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