Tristana – The Lotus Blossom & The Music of Ashtanga Yoga

When movement and breath fuse together, the energy carries the body seemingly effortlessly and focus moves from the exterior to the interior, we reach Tristana. Or: through vinyasa, bandha and drishti we achieve the spiritual dimension in Ashtanga yoga practice.

Yoga is, what you don’t see. The powerful movements of ashtanga are only the exterior surface of an internal spiritual journey. “Behind the strength of the body, is an energy, which is spiritual and which keeps us alive. To achieve access to the spirituality, you must first understand the physical. This body is our temple and in this temple is Atman – God.” – Sri K. Patthabi Jois

Tristana is the key to this spiritual side of yoga. Tristana is the name for the union of vinyasa, bandha and drishti. Only when this state is achieved, does the lotus blossom of ashtanga yoga unfold its petals. Ujjayi breathing is the foundation of vinyasa. The alignment of the body in asana is achieved through bandha. Drishti completes the trio and builds the bridge, to carry the essence of your practise from the yoga mat into your daily life.

With gratitude to Ronald Steiner at for the insightful words on Tristana :: To Sri K. Patthabi Jois for carrying the flame of Ashtanga Yoga into our lives which ignites Tristana for *all* :: To Nils Frahm for this beautiful piece of music which, (whether he meant for it to or not) clearly carries this ‘union’ of Tristana without the need for words to explain…


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