Sweetest Sisters Saturday!

Today was magnificent… quite simply marvelous… utterly excellent!
I got my mojo back – no doubt about it ~

Ratho, Edinburgh. Apparently.

Here’s why:

  • Wee Yogi rediscovered indoor climbing…

With my sister Gillian and dear friends Tim & Sarah Hatcher at my side…
… this long awaited return to the wall may have been exhausting,
but the pure glee inside me makes my now aching forearms and fingers feel like a warm reminder of a greatly inspiring time…
Watch this space, this is merely the beginning of my new found hobby!

Wee Yogi! Where you goin'?!

"Gill! Don't look down!"

"Go team HATCHER!!!!"

  • Wee Yogi got time to play in the kitchen – RAW STYLE!

"Operation Walnut"

Later that day, even with my tired wee hands, I was happily cracking walnuts to make a *Pure Raw Pumpkin Pie* while listening to some sweet tunes…

:: Hand-cracked Walnut and Dates in the base :: Fresh Pumpkin and Coconut Cream filling :: Sweet Orange Chocolate Drizzle ::

My kind of Saturday, with the perfect sunset ♥

Goodnight Scotland!


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