All The Tea In China

I love loose tea just as much as the next fancy foodie, but i’ll admit it – I am lazy – it is such a faff to clean out the wee tea holder filters.
For me, tea bags are oh so handy…

When I first received tea from Attic Teas I found their tea maker inside the box to try out too!
I have to say I was a bit apprehensive. I was doubtful that i’d use it after that novel first-time try.
But, I was so keen to try out this beautiful white tea so I of corse gave this new kitchen tool a whirl…
… and loved it!

This is so cool – such a cleaver invention! I have tried to capture the process below for you, it was pretty hard without making a video!
So, I am a changed woman! From this day forth I will have my loose tea (from Attic) and drink it! 🙂

Wee Yogi prepares for the experiment – slightly unsure as to how this is going to turn out!

Lovely loose white tea with beautiful real rose petals & lemon grass – perfect for us girls 🙂

Leave it to brew for just 4 minutes!

Place the tea maker on top of a mug (or in my case a beer glass!?!?) and watch the fresh brewed tea whoosh through the wee holes in the bottom! Magic….

Marvel at the stress free cup of tea and easy to clean tea maker!

Attic Teas are cool and the folks behind this company are really nice too.
I also recommend you check out their site – they have lots of cool information and even have a beginners guide to what tea to drink and when!

I think their teas would make lovely presents for your friends and family or perhaps just for *YOURSELF* – and you should definitely treat them/YOU to a tea maker too!

Stay Cosy!


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