Chocolate Covered Mulberries – Raw, healthy, easy!

What do you do when:

  1. Nights are getting darker earlier…?
  2. All you money is spent on Christmas presents or taxis to parties etc…?
  3. You love chocolate covered mulberries so much you cannot afford to feed the hefty habit…?


Pretty much everyone I know becomes hopelessly addicted to these ‘Tiny titans of flavor’ (as The Raw Chocolate Company called them), once they have tried them.
So, last night me and my sister Gill decided to take on this well overdue challenge and create our own version.
Warning!!! This is a RAW FOOD recipe and may well change your dead-set mind that raw food is boring and just a load of carrot sticks 😉

Ok, so your going to need…
Approx 150g Cacao Paste
Approx 25g Cacao Butter
1-2 tablespoons Palm Sugar
Approx 400g Mulberries
That’s all!
I get my ingredients from HERE cause I really trust them, you can get yours wherever you like 🙂

There’s some nice pics of the ingredients, and Gill beautifully presenting the coconut palm sugar. Thanks Gill 😉

Melt the Paste and the Butter together in a double pan on a low heat. Stir well.

Add the Palm Sugar - to your taste - remembering the mulberries will add a lot of sweetness too. Stir well.

Add the mulberries to the mix and stir in really well until they are all covered.

Marvel at your wonderful creation thinking happy thoughts.

Get your closest mulberry lover to taste and make sure they are perfecto.

Scoop out and spread over on a plate/chopping board that fits in your freezer.

Set in the freezer/fridge for 10-15 minutes. These will also set in the fridge - but if it is an emergency...!



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