Simply, Easy, Deeply ~ New Moon Intention

Tomorrow (Friday 11th January) marks the first new moon of 2013…
I am celebrating by launching the first Juice Feast of the year.
I hope you choose to join me – don’t worry there’s plenty of time to prepare!
The new moon day is simply one of the most potent times to create your own new beginning by setting an intention.
This next juice feast commences on 3rd February and will close on Sunday 10th February which is the day of the next new moon!
This will be one of the most exciting juice feasts yet, with more options and ideas than ever before to make it as easy and stress free as possible…
I have teamed up with Hula juice bar to offer a variety of juice feast options to suit all!

Earlier this week I reflected on moving forwards with good intentions.
It seems so clear to me that by simplifying, surrendering and being open to the great patterns and mystery of life we will find all the tools we need to create the year & indeed the reality we desire for now and the future.
By embarking on a Juice Feast we learn how to listen to our deepest calling and find our most grounded and joyful purpose.
What is your greatest dream and vision in life?
What can you do to enable yourself the courage and wisdom to help others?
How can you reach your fullest potential, truly thrive and radiate happiness from the inside?!
The answers are brewing inside, sometimes we just need a little head space so we can really listen.

Find out more HERE…


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