Get Real

I am not one for making New Years Resolutions.
In fact, I never normally make any.
But over the festive period 3 things kept coming into my consciousness that I really wanted to commit to.
The reason I don’t normally do new years resolutions is because they place so much pressure on folks to ‘succeed’ and if you fall off the wagon once then that is it – you’re a failure!
This seems all too stressful to me, so I usually bow out and just stick to my life motto; taking every day as it comes, doing the best you can and most of all, loosing the guilt.
But, this year I still decided to set these resolutions as they just kept coming back to me.
All of this comes from the knowing that, if you don’t look after yourself, if you don’t stock your own internal fire and charge up your personal learning bank – you cannot help anyone else. In fact, you’ll burn out before everyone else and you’ll never grow, everyone else around you however, will.
So what were my resolutions?
Hang on a minute I will tell you but first I have to say…
That is not what this blog is about, today I am writing to remind you to be realistic.
By setting achievable goals you might actually surprise yourself, and achieve them, and feel good about yourself.
What’s more is that these goals and resolutions should be rooted firmly in something you believe in.
If your resolutions are to help others in someway, be sure that first they will help you too, directly or indirectly, if they are to be properly executed!
Ok, so my resolutions:

GENERAL: To be the best I can be for others. (I am a yoga teacher, I can’t help it!).

HOW? Be a happier, healthier, more rested human being. This will allow me to teach better and ultimately help others get out of their own ‘funk*’ more effectively!

1743, Scottish and Northern English dialectal word, originally a verb meaning “to panic, fail due to panic”. Perhaps from or cognate with obsolete Dutch fonck (“distress, agitation”), from Middle Dutch fonck (“perturbation, agitation”). More at flunk.


funk (countable and uncountable; plural funks)

  1. (countable) mental depression
  2. (uncountable) A state of fear or panic, especially cowardly

THE RESOLUTIONS: NB; must be realistic, achievable & something I believe will be effective!

  1. To apply castor oil to my feet and cover with socks every night (and sleep with this on).
  2. Not to eat after 6pm
  3. Listen to and chant the yoga sutras more then one time per week.


  1. By Oiling my feet I am actively nurturing myself, getting a free foot treatment! I am ensuring my tootsies are happier for my work which involves lots of time on my feet, bare foot on cold hard floors. As result I will feel better about myself cause my feet will be comfier and will look nice too!
  2. Secretions of bile and digestive enzymes dramatically decrease after 6pm. Any food consumed after that time will be slower digested and perhaps even sit in the digestive tract over night. This is more the case if you stop moving your body after 6pm. For the majority of people this is the case – they end up on the couch before eventually heading to bed. If this is done nightly over a long period of time, digestive power decreases. So, if I am actively trying to balance the digestive system every day in my yoga practice, why would I want to self-sabotage and eat a big meal at 10pm?! Eating late at night puts unnecessary stress and strain on the bodily organs. You don’t sleep soundly, nor does the body have chance to fully regenerate for the next day leaving you tired and lethargic in the morning. This accumulative effect is another way we get drained by seemingly small but powerful lifestyle choices.
  3. Listening and chanting more than once a week will encourage me to learn them, everyone knows practice is the key! This practice is also very relaxing as it brings in aspects of concentration and focus. I also like singing, just cause it feels good. By doing this I will be more able to pass on these sutras to my own students in a more understandable way rather than in random and sporadic doses!


  1. My feet feel great. By looking after my self and actively nurturing myself I am noticing I have more energy for others. My feet are getting softer by the day! When you stare at your feet a lot as part of your daily yoga practice, it helps when they look nice too! Not that I judge feet! 😉
  2. I now eat before I teach and more during the day light hours. Of course there are times when this is not possible, if I have friends over for dinner, or the day doesn’t go as planned. But, when I follow this simple rule, I feel so much better in the morning, lighter, more energized and better rested. I am also stocking up my personal energy bank!
  3. I managed to chant the sutras two times other than the chanting we do at conference at the yoga school. It felt so nice to sit and spend some time learning. I think I will build on this resolution, it feels great to use my voice and enjoy the sound of the sutras!


These resolutions, although small, have made a huge difference!
I really do feel different and more energized than before!
I don’t have the ‘January Blues’!
By keeping it simple and realistic I was able to stick to the resolutions I made to myself.
I wasn’t asking too much of myself, nor was I thinking too big.
I feel like I can add to what I have now integrated into my day to day life!


None here!

What are your resolutions? Do they need revising? There’s no harm in refreshing your plans or even starting again.
Perhaps you asked too much of yourself?
Perhaps you asked something that deep down even you didn’t believe would work.
I highly recommend taking it all down a notch. Be kind to yourself and look for ways to make life easier and more enjoyable.
It’s much nicer than pushing for unrealistic results at a crazy fast pace.
We’re not here to suffer so why suffer?
Here’s to a better start, starting, NOW!


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