No Prana?

Juice Feasts are like taking the truth pill.
If you’re tired, tiredness will come out.
If you are sad, sadness will come out.
If you are pretty strong constitutionally or generally at the moment, you won’t feel as tired as others.
BUT, if deep down you’re burnt out, you’ll feel burnt out.
If you’ve been hiding behind food as a way to avoid your emotions, there will be no more hiding, emotions will come.
If you have been artificially stimulating yourself into doing things you don’t have the energy to do, you’ll feel it now.
Coffee doesn’t give us energy, rather it mobilizes energy (chi/prana) which would otherwise have been used to stabilize us.
Fiber doesn’t give us energy either.
Sugar does. Sugar is what our bodies use to make energy for doing things.
All foods contain an amount of sugar, including fruits and vegetables.
On a juice feast, if you consume enough your energy should be stable
*UNLESS* there is an underlying issue – i.e. healing, toxification, adrenal fatigue/tiredness – that needs to be addressed.
That’s what this week of juice is all about.
Being shown how you are doing – truthfully, without any added boosters or crutches to hide behind.
So, if you’re feeling the detox coming on, don’t blame the fruits and vegetables.
Blame the thing you removed which is allowing the fruits and vegetables to assist in the detox.
Some people find juice feasting easy, others find it hard – it all depends on where you are at in your body/mind NOW.
That said, enjoy what comes up and be grateful you saw it now rather than later!
You’re going to feel amazing after 7 days on juice – it’s absolutely fool proof …
…but you’ve got to do it to gain the benefits!
And, look after yourself while you go through this – do less if you have to – do more if if you want to!
Listen to your body, what it needs…
And Juice On!


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