Going a step further.

After a couple of days on a juice feast people tend to get more into it and see that oh yeah, they can actually do this!
This is a good time to start considering, not only juice feasting but what goes in the juice you’re drinking.
Also, what the different juices are doing specifically inside your body.

“The western diet has pathological Caloric Span, and insufficient Nutrient Depth. The higher we move up the Spectrum of Diet, the more appropriate the Caloric Span is, and the deeper the Nutrient Depth can be.” http://www.juicefeasting.com

When juice feasting, we are not only getting enough to keep us going about our relatively usual business.
We are also *loading* our bodies with nutrition.
Juice is like a fast bullet to the cell: powerful antioxidants, minerals, amino acids, vitamins not to mention ~ FLUID!
Detoxification & cleansing & ultimately feeling great is almost unavoidable on this feast!

In general it is important to remember 2 key points about fruits and vegetables (namely leafy greens)
FRUITS: Cleanse, purge, detoxify.
VEGETABLES: Tone, sooth, alkalize.

At the end of this juice feast we are blessed with a New Moon day on Monday!
I am going to take this as the perfect opportunity to flush my liver.
I have done this a few times before and love the benefits I get from it.
I will talk more about this over the week.
For now, I thought it would be interesting to share with you a wee factoid…
…Part of the liver flush process is to drink enough apple juice to dislodge or soften any stones that may be present in the gall bladder. The malic acid in apples help this process. And it works!
Apples. The best way to dislodge stones from the gall bladder. Amazing if you ask me!

Here’s a little excerpt from my liver flush program, get in touch if you want to join me!

“Drink fresh, organic unpasteurised apple juice for three days preceding the liver cleanse. For these three days, eat frugally (little) if you must and then only small amounts of raw unprocessed fruit and/or vegetable salads, but every day take at least one full quart of high quality unfiltered (you should be able to see the sediments on the bottom of the container) preferable home-made organic apple juice. The pectin/malic acid in the apple juice helps to soften and flatten the stones in the gall bladder and liver. This will also help their passage through the bile ducts. This semi-fast also empties the intestines of their food content and makes the collection of stones less problematic. Use a good juicer and make up 20-30 pounds of apples into juice and refrigerate.”

Juice On!


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