Don't blame the vegetables!

This is what 3 beetroots, 2 pears, 1 apple, turmeric and ginger looks like once it’s been through the juicer.
I looked at this today and thought – I know which part I’d rather have…..!

Here we have 1 quart (almost a liter) of nutrient dense juice ready no nourish every cell in my body.
No fiber is going to get in between me and my path to vibrant health this week!

After drinking it I feel like I can fly! I have loads of energy and bright red lips 😉
Juice feasting is simple:

  1. Ask less of the digestive system.
  2. Flood your body with juice crammed full of high vibrational nutrition.
  3. Let go of the old stagnant debris in your body.
  4. Feel the energy come back.

Day 4 on just juice and there are always some common phrases being thrown around the juice feast participants and friends or family there of…

“Are you okay? Why are you doing this to yourself?”

“Be careful!”

“I have a headache, I better stop doing this, something bad is happening to me!”

“Oh my, what is that coming out of me? This is dangerous, I better stop”

“I feel really good! Is that normal?!”

Now, I am one of the most positive people you could meet, disgustingly so…
But today I have to say, please – this is pure crazy talk.

Who asked you when you were binge drinking on a Friday night and crying into your pint:
“Are you okay? Why are you doing this to yourself?”
No one, instead they cheered you on.

When you were eating microwaved meals every night because you didn’t have time to make something better for yourself,
who told you,
“Be Careful!”
No one, instead they told you it was okay to consume radiated food with out the nutrition because at least you were eating something.

It is my soul purpose in life now, to call these people up and say…
They have a headache because that crap is leaving them right now!
Don’t you think it might have something to do with all the ‘stuff’ they put in before they went and drank some green juice?
They now feel good because there is not this heavy burden of purifying and mucus forming sludge in their digestive systems any more!


So PLEASE, don’t blame the fruits and vegetables for the side effects during this healing process,
Blame every ounce of unnatural, acid forming, toxic, unidentifiable stuff you ever put into your body.
Processed foods, chemicals, stodge, sludge & so on…
And be THANKFUL, those fruits and veges are here to help you get it out!

This is now becoming more about how you look at food.
How you see yourself.
How much you care about yourself.
What are you going to do to start taking better care of this one and only body you have?

Juice On!


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