Freshly pressed questions!

So yesterday one of my friends on Facebook posted this neat quote:

If it is important to you, you will find a way.
If not, you will find an excuse.
Carol Tuttle

So true! I often find myself making excuses when if I listen to my initial feelings I realize, it’s just not that important and vice-versa! If there’s something important to me – I’ll find a way, no doubt about it!
I thought that quote was pretty appropriate to this weeks juice feast escapades.

As I peddled along on my way home from practice this morning I was deep in thought.
“What is important to people and how is that established in the first place?
What makes health and well being important to some and not to others and to such varying degrees?
How do we decide how far we’ll go with our health?
What makes people say, okay, I’ve gone far enough?
What will we sacrifice for (or not) to reach our fullest potential?
And what makes us sacrifice our own well being?
I wonder if there is a formula somewhere.

My mind boggles but there are still no answers, only wild guesses and presumptions based on thousands of theories.
So, if there is a formula, I want to know about it!
Your comments please on these questions which, for some reason, I toil over quite frequently!

Moving on… I’m back home and it’s operation liver flush…

It turns out 8 large cox apples makes a quart of *delicious* and incredibly sweet *local* freshly made apple juice.
The sugar hit has me flying through my ‘to do’ list!
I’ll drink the same Friday, Saturday to prepare my liver/gallbladder… for on Sunday, we liver flush – horrah!

Juice On!


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