Health Destiny

“What this power is I cannot say.

All I know is that it exists.”

Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922)

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.”

Buddha (563 BCE-483 BCE)
I was thinking today about my motives.
Why do I do what I do?!
When I host these juice feasts I always set an intention at the start of the feast based on why I am doing it.
Why am I inviting people to drink juice and only juice all day long for 7 days (or more) with me as their guide and key motivator?
All it boils down to, is that this is my highest calling, my desire, my dream, my dharma, whatever you want to call it, it is my sole purpose *to inspire*
Whatever venture I am working on, be it juice feasts or yoga classes, retreats or workshops, I always feel that the best possible outcome for me would be that people find it is possible to take hold of their own health destiny.
There is a lot of talk these days of manifesting your own reality; relationships, work, fame and fortune.
Books, gurus, films and YouTubers worldwide inundate us with ways to create the life we truly want.
But how does this link into health?
Yes! It is possible for a person to crate their own reality by thinking positive thoughts, visualizing the right outcome, creating vision boards, setting intentions, reciting affirmations and so on…
But it is also possible that we all, can choose to be well and healthy and free of diseases and illnesses.
We can take control of our own health destiny!
Every time we spend money on food, we make a choice.
Every time we order a meal in a restaurant, we make a choice.
Every time we prepare an evening meal for ourselves (and the family), we make a choice.
Every time we decide to sign up for yoga tonight, or not…
Choices like these go on throughout the day, there are literally thousands of moments like this.
Whats more; we’ve known about this for a long time, The Buddha was talking about it in 563BC! So what happened?
When did we forget?
We can choose.
To be vibrant, energized, living human beings.
Or, to take our health down a notch, choice by choice, until our energy levels are in the basement and the only answer we know of is to go to the doctor.
If only we knew that all the answers are in our own hands.
If only we didn’t feel so reliant on the NHS, the drugs, the easy way out, led by blind belief…
Health and well being really is a choice, it is in your hands.
Question what you know to be true now because you really were designed to know what feels right for your body.
You were born with instinct and will always have that as your own internal pharmacy.
So what makes more sense to you?
Cut ‘it’ out and hope it doesn’t grow back?
Or find the root cause and treat ‘it’ for good?
Don’t hand over the things you do have to help you – your choices & instincts – to anyone.
Take charge of your life!
You know what makes sense.
Seeing people take charge of their health destiny means more to me than any multimillion pound contract!
So, I’m off to make myself another quart of apple juice in prep for Sundays liver flush.
Why? Because I can do it and I don’t need to wait to be unwell to know it’s a good idea!

Juice On!


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