Read at your own risk – includes barfarama (& a happy ending)

Interesting outcome…
Last night, after drinking the oil/grapefruit (Yuck!) at 10pm I heard lots of gurgles but I went to sleep no problem.
Then – at 12pm woke feeling really nauseous.
I dosed and tried not to sit up for fear of barfing!!! But I never really got back to sleep.
At 2pm – I had no choice, without having long to race to the nearest bucket – I threw all of the oil up.
I was shaking and cold, but this stopped when I finally threw up the last bit of oil. Nice.
I lay awake thinking about how the liver flush was a waste of my time over these last 3 days and it had not worked.
I worried a bit & thought perhaps there was a big stone stuck inside and my body couldn’t deal with it. Yikes!
I then turned my mind elsewhere and focused my awareness on some pretty lovely things I’ll be doing this year.
My travel to Costa Rica in only 2 weeks time.
Some exciting ventures I am getting up to on my return.
Smiling again.
Finally I got back to sleep around 4am.
When I woke up I got back on the liver flush train and drank the epsom salts even though I thought it probably hadn’t worked.
I timed the flush well as there’s no yoga practice today so I lay in bed (today is new moon) till 9am thinking more happy thoughts.
Once I got up I pottered about a bit until suddenly…
I had to ‘go’!!!
(hahaha, this is where I think to myself how much I love my strange but true destiny of writing about my own poop on my blog!)… 😉
So, what indeed was in the loo?
STONES! Not thousands but I’d say around 100.
Why am I so happy?
Because they’re not in me any more!
So, how did it work even though I threw up the liver flush solution in the night?
Here’s my theory:
We drink the liver flush solution at 10pm as it causes the liver and gallbladder to spasm and throw out all the available bile & stones. This happens in the 1/2 hour right after you drink it and lie down. So, perhaps that happened and my wonderful body then decided, “OK, this oil has done it’s job, now let’s chuck it out!” I cannot know for sure, but since the stones still came out this morning and I feel great now… perhaps these many years on raw foods have turned my body into an even more intelligent vessel!

What an awesome week it has been.
Big thanks to HULA Juice Bar for providing the juice feasters with such yummy juice every day and keep them going when the going got tough.
Huge thanks to Pauline at Cleanse for providing colonic hydrotherapy, ensuring the juice feasters got a thorough clear out during the feast, ensuring it was an easier cleanse and even more beneficial.
It was a great group to work with! Everyone was very self-sufficient and motivated but also asked great questions when things ‘came up’.
I am looking forward to hosting the next feast in May! Contact me for more information!
And finally, I got one of the best testimonials when one of the juice feast crew said they felt like this today:

Juice On!


2 thoughts on “Read at your own risk – includes barfarama (& a happy ending)

  1. Jo says:

    Ok! Go on then. I’ll do it again in May! Let me know the dates when you have them.
    You’re one crazy lady, but truly inspiring!
    I may even go all the way next time and do the big 3!

  2. Susan says:

    Wow, a fascinating, and only a little bit frightening read. No wonder you look so well! Delighted to hear about the May feast. I am happy to provide the juicing again, it’ll strengthen my arms for yoga!

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