What makes a teacher?

On Sunday, my yoga teacher Sarah Hatcher hosted a demo followed by our usual ‘Sunday – yoga conference’.
She’s off to the states for a wee while so this was the perfect opportunity for her to bring the shala together for music, yoga, food, chit-chat chanting and singing.
While Sarah is away she will get to vsit her teacher Dena Kingsberg in LA.
In conference, she reminded us that to be a teacher you need 3 things:

  1. A teacher.
  2. A practice.
  3. Students.

I could not agree more – how can we teach something we are not learning and growing in ourselves?
I have been working with Sarah for 6 months now and my personal practice has not blossomed so beautifully and at such a rate in my whole ‘yoga life’.
Now she is heading to the states for a wee while I cannot know for sure when I will see her next…
My trip to Costa Rica is only 12 days away now.
I am hosting a retreat there from 23rd-31st March.
Either side of my retreat week I am looking forward to spending time with my other teachers…
The land.
The plants.
The spring water.
The sun.
Not to mention, the many inspirational people that will be at the ‘Farm of Life’.

I will be immersing myself in the very heart of what I am trying to pass on to others back here in Scotland.
Not just yoga asana – but the full spectrum of what wellness really means.
This trip is about filling up my teaching cup with other treasures…
I will be a student of nature, the elements, the jungle!
I am lucky enough to be spending my days on the farm working in the green house and around the farm.
Growing food, composting, planting, nurturing and loving the plants and land that is there to feed us.
It’s finally starting to sink in… I am really going back to Farm of Life!
*Deep sigh*
Limitless gratitude!


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