End of an era

This morning my sister reminded me – “…only 3 more sleeps!”
She was referring to the fact that on Saturday I will be moving out from her flat, boxing up my small collection of belongings to my parents house here in Edinburgh and flying to Costa Rica on Monday!
It’s funny how these things creep up on you!
This past week I have started to feel the anticipatory rise in me that this time next week i’ll be in the jungle.
I am so excited and beyond grateful to have the opportunity to spend a whole 7 weeks at Finca De Vida.
My Yoga & Raw Food retreat is sandwiched between days with my hands in the soil learning about growing food forests, composting and permaculture.
For now, while I am still here in Edinburgh in these last few days here before I leave I am feeling a slight melancholy.
I looked back on my blogging this time last year to be reminded that only one year ago was teaching morning, noon and night in the basement of BYS (now renamed ‘AYE’!)
Read about this day last year HERE!
As you can see a lot has changed – such is life!
The past year has been one great big boiling pot of incredible experiences.
Teaching, learning, family, relationships, crying, laughing, falling, bouncing back… I even bought a VitaMix! 😉

This Friday marks my last class at BYS/’AYE’ (Ashtanga Yoga Edinburgh).
Deep breath.
I feel so fortunate to have had the chance to grow as a teacher surrounded by such wonderful people.
I’ll miss it.
The past few days I have felt myself withdrawing in to my ‘shell’ a little.
I noticed a little less ‘omph’ in my yoga practice & so I assumed I might have been ‘coming down with something’…
But the more I listen in to this new feeling – I realize I am just a little bit blue.
Even though I know it is not goodbye forever, this trip is certainly marking the end of an era for me on many levels.
I’m not quite sure what’s next but I know it won’t be worth missing!

Watch this space for some tales from the jungle – and beyond!
I’ll be back in April and hosting another retreat in Dunkeld with the lovely Lorna.
And of course, there will be workshops, juice feasts and much, much, more…
This time fueled with new and inspired ideas from our time in the tropics!

Till soon!


2 thoughts on “End of an era

  1. Sonja says:

    Will really, really miss you! Learned so much over the past few months, and ALWAYS enjoyed it! Will hunt you done for some more teaching somewhere once you’re back. Any old shed will do! Have a great time in Costa Rica x

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