Plant Medicince – Sealing in some big lessons

The past week Finca De Vida hosted a Shamanic Plant Medicine Retreat.
I had only a very vague idea of what this would be about having never worked with plant medicine before.
Fortunately all staff were not only invited to but encouraged to take part so we could understand the process and meet our guests on the same level.
I felt excited to learn and experience this ancient tradition for myself.
For me, the week began with accompanying the group to Nayaca waterfall.
This was the perfect opportunity to confirm my intentions, as I jumped the 23 foot falls and landed in the deep water below I was completely open to whatever was around the corner for myself and the rest of the Farm of Life crew.
7 days later I am sitting in the Harvest House at Farm of Life. It is strangely silent after a week long of continuous noise and bubbling about the farm.
In this quietude, it is almost impossible to describe the weeks events in a short statement.
My mind blows, I am speechless.
The outcome however is easier…
These plants are teachers.
These plants open doors for you and from there they draw you into what I called, a deep meditative state (sometimes dynamic, sometimes very still) and the results are dependent on your ability to listen very carefully. If you don’t listen, you won’t get the message.
It was beyond my control not to use this experience for gaining huge insights in to mind, body, soul and spirit.
As I visited each aspect of myself the lessons were unique and mind blowing in context but the messages were almost always rooted in the same ultimate truths.
I have read many spiritual books, met many spiritual teachers and traveled to many spiritual landmarks,
But I have never in all this time had such a fast, strong and tangible experience of what is more often talked about in the texts and beliefs. These awakenings are often slow and come in waves as we move in and out of operation from our hearts or our minds.
I am therefore in the deepest gratitude for having had the opportunity to experience through all aspects (mind, body, soul and spirit)…

“There is no ‘good’ and ‘bad’, everything just ‘IS'”
“Everything, everything, comes from love, everything starts there”

…and so much more that words don’t cover.
In all of this it is now ultimately important to me that I allow it to truly sink in.
The plant medicine is not to be depended on.
So, now the experience of this week is complete, I am intuitively guided to take these profound messages into my day to day life.
In many ways I feel completely changed, like a new person. I certainly have a 1000 times more faith than ever before in the concepts I have for so long only read about.
I know this is not a done deal and the work I did now has to be cared for and nurtured through meditation and practice.
During the opening ceremony I drew 2 cards (see above) both relating precisely to this time in my life, the intentions I have and the questions I have about how to steer my future.
I now know without a shadow of a doubt, I attracted this experience.
It was easy too, I just had to ask for exactly what I wanted!
So now, all my hows, whys and whats are put to rest.
This is the most peaceful and trusting I have felt in as long as I can remember.
As I have been saying everyday since I arrived at the farm…
Everyday really is a school day!


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