Choosing your future

Perfect sun gazing opportunity

Being here in Costa Rica is teaching me huge lessons in remaining present.
Such as it is with yoga practice.
We have the choice to be concerned with one of 3 things: the future, the past or whatever is right here, right now.
Which one do you choose?
As I have had so much time and opportunity to watch the patterns of my thinking,
I have become increasingly aware that I have the tendency to get over concerned about the ‘what if’s’ in life.
With the space I have had the past few weeks, I reflected on how I have steered my course of action in the past.
It is clear to me now (the results are there as proof) that if you doubt or fear for things that have not happened yet, then that is what you will attract.
If however, you choose to believe and trust and focus on the possibilities actually turning out…
…things will turn out very differently.
For example, when I considered I might have the opportunity to come here, to Finca De Vida for 7 weeks, I focused only on the things that would make it possible. I let go of the factors that might hold me back and the fears I had for what would come next.
This is what brought me here and has allowed me to have one of the greatest times of my life.
It is the difference between being in an expansive open loved based space of mind to being in a contractive closed and fear based mentality…
The desire to write this post stems from Lorna and I brewing up our plans for our exciting future.
We are co-creating an inspiring medium for folks to learn from and make it possible to change their lives for the better!
*Watch this space*!!!
As we brainstorm and create together I found my mind wondering in to that future fear state of ‘what if…’
Or in to the past, drawing up the things that have not worked out so far and comparing them to now…
This is where the power of *NOW-NESS* has to step in.
Our ideas are big and on top of that my individual life aspirations are big… some people might say impossible…
But, if we focus on their size and possibility of them failing we simply won’t get anywhere and remain tied up in our fears!
So, we have 3 choices – to focus on the past the future OR the NOW.
I choose NOW – this is where the possibility, the ‘Yes’, the positivity happens.

This is the only chance you’ve got playing out ‘NOW’,
So make it the best NOW possible and set yourself up for success.
Having whatever you want has never been so easy.


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