Retreat reflection and an over due catch up…. I miss you!

Guests of the Change Your Life Wee Yogi Retreat left Farm of Life just over a week ago.
I’ve been desperate to write and reflect on our epic week together but due to a serious lack of success logging on to the internet here I had to surrender to the way it is and just wait. C’est La Vie!
Our week together really was special to me.
I periodically flashed back to two years ago, standing on this farm merely dreaming of hosting a retreat here!
As it turned out, it was better than I could have dreamed of, beautiful people, transformational yoga practices, delicious food and epic adventures.
It was so amazingly great that dates for next years *Raw Ashtanga Retreat* are already in the diary!
Watch this space – Lorna (my home-girl and stupendously cool business partner) and I will be returning to Costa Rica to host another mind blowing 7 days of transformation, inspiration and rejuvenation.
In the meantime, here is a wee taster of what we got up to during this years retreat.

Diamante Waterfall Hike ~ we did it in record time ~ go team Wee Yogi!!!

Lorna Lemon Lips and Suzie Snowdrop prepare for another super fun food demo!

Some of Lorna's super creations waiting to be devoured by some hungry yogis ~ Home grown salad with a nice and spicy mango dressing - MMMMMmmmmm!

The 'Change Your Life' retreat closes with happy faces and glowing spirits ~ Team Wee Yogi left to right: Carl, Brian, Jo, Stefan, Lorna, Katherine, Mike, Lexy, Chris (Nick, Emma and Jody not in this pic) ♥

There are still more snaps to follow.
Lorna and I have some other super exciting announcements for the year ahead too!
Keep in touch!
We’ll be back on home turf by the end of next week and are ridiculously excited by what the Spring/Summer has in store for us… and YOU!
It’s been a pretty short trip but I am so looking forward to returning to Scotland to see my family and friends.
I also cannot wait to reconnect with my yoga community in Edinburgh and diggin’ really deep with my teacher for a few weeks.
So, what’s going on in your world?


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