You must sleep under the stars at least one time in your life.

Last night me, Lorna and Stephan slept right here.
Perched on the edge of the jungle under the stars.
That was one of my most epic moments here so far.
I’m now wishing I slept here every night for the past 7 weeks!
Tomorrow we are leaving. On the day of the new moon!
I feel pretty sad that it’s already time to go, but knowing i’ll be back here in a little over 6 months is awesome!
It’s also pretty exciting to be totally open to whatever this next 6 month chapter brings.
I have met incredible people, made amazing new friends, discovered many many new aspects of my self and completely rejuvenated my mind body soul and spirit.
I could rave on about the raw food, the yoga and the ‘physical’ aspects of being here – but this time has been about so much more than all that.
On this journey, I kept giving back to the land, the farm, the guests, in any way I could and without limits.
Without expectations I have received so much in return.
As I am sure you can tell, I am loving life & feeling great!
My big lesson, in the best way I can verbalize, appears to be; to throw your self in to this life without limits.
Be fearless and excited about what is next.
Forgive, and allow your self to be forgiven.
Let go.
Soak it all up and just see what happens.


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