"We Are Godesses & Heros…"

I won’t forget this quote in a while.
It is another early Monday morning yoga practice with my teacher Sarah Hatcher.
Sarah drops another epic-bomb-shell-catch-phrase while helping a student in a pose that can often lead to the all too familiar ‘cheer leader arms and rigid foreheads’…
“There are no robots in here…” she said, “Only goddesses and heros…”
Superb! I could not have agreed with her more. The room simultaneously breathes out…
I look around me and I realized just how blessed I am to be surrounded by such magnificent individuals.
Which leads me to say, during my time away in Costa Rica I also connected with some new friends.
Team Awesome…

Emma, Lorna, Me and Stefan ~ Heros and Goddesses of Unconditional Loving Service and Compassion

I miss this crew more than words can say.
But I’ll see them again soon.
As I lay down into savasana that Monday morning I was filled to the brim and then overflowing some, with gratitude for having the power to attract such glorious goddesses and humble heros into my life.
No matter where I am on this planet – cool dudes are there.


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