Random acts of kindness…

Smile at people.
Be honest.
Be kind.
Let people out when you’re driving in your car.
Offer people lifts.
Open doors.
Say ‘…after you’ more.
Pick up trash.
Leave a place better than you found it.
Act for the act, not for the reward.
Listen more.
Offer hugs.
Don’t be mad if people say no.
Clean something.
Fold something.
Give something.
Let go of something.
Free someone.
Because it will fill your heart with joy.
It will fill someone elses.
It will spread.
Good stuff will happen.
Love it limitless.
There is no lack.
It won’t run out.
So share it…

Don’t look back,
Open your heart,
Right now is,
The perfect time to start,
You don’t have to try,
Just let yourself go,
Don’t ask why,
You already know,
Bachan Kaur


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