Girls and their greenhouses – Stage #1

…(as opposed to men and their sheds)…

I have been temporarily loaned my Dads green house.
It is a far cry from the sunshine kissed green house of Finca De Vida, Costa Rica…
BUT! It is a greenhouse and it belongs to my Dad which makes up for all of the other bits and some..
I won’t deny, I am a novice… only 9,804 hours to go until I can call myself an expert.
In the meantime, I have started by cleaning the glass…
I am rather pleased.


One thought on “Girls and their greenhouses – Stage #1

  1. Iain Reynolds says:

    Hi Susan,

    Just watched your YouTube message with Lorna.

    So proud of you for doing what you want to be doing. Go forth. Do not boil, blanche or steam. But, stretch, blitz, hold and puree your way to success. I wish you all the B’s in Baba Ghanoush. x

    Finally. Just to say. You make me very proud to be your cousin. High five! (Sorry, I’m from the sticks) High Six! x

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