Heaven or hell? Day 3 on juice!

Today is day 3 of my juice feast.
It’s funny, I tell people this is the hardest day and to be completely honest, today was a breeze for me.
The hardest part was containing my extra energy during my second of 2 back to back Vinyasa classes tonight!
What is wrong with me?!
I have been trying to figure it out…
My first thought is that my diet before this juice feast was different to any other juice feast I’ve ever done. I’ve been on the lowest fat content and highest fruit content in all my years. So perhaps the detox is easier, things are ‘moving’ easier!
My second thought was that it is spring – spring is the time for renewal and clearing out – perhaps this is making the dreaded ‘day 3 dip’ not so tough this time.
My third notion is that the group of juice feasters are like a proper team. Everyone seems really up for it and excited about the journey… it’s really making this feast a lot of fun.
I’m still thinking on this and will of course let you know how I feel tomorrow – perhaps it is a delayed reaction!!! In the meantime, I am reveling in my current situation as follows…

  1. Juice feasting with a bunch of total heroes
  2. Twist & Sprout
  3. Doing what I love for life purpose and enjoyment 24/7

Oh, so maybe this is easier this time because I am happier?
Now there is some food for thought 😉 hahaha
All it took was figuring out & knowing what I wanted and then believing that I can.
I think the figuring out part is pretty hard for people because they have to let go of a lot of fear and worry and guilt and really just listen to their hearts.
I would love to let everyone know, they don’t have to be afraid, there is no need to worry about what is not happening and that they deserve to have everything they desire and require!
I wish everyone could figure out what they are here to do and just do it!
The answer lies in you.
My wish is that you can find it.

Twist & Sprout 🙂

Here comes day 4…
Bring it on!


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