Ride it don't fight it…

The sun is out and Scotland is wearing a bikini.
I love how the Scots make the most of every drip of sunshine.
Today as I passed the meadows there was a feeling of high energy and happiness.
We don’t get much sun here, so when it’s out – we are too….

But it’s not only the sun that is causing this increase in somewhat unsettled energy.
The lunar eclipse tonight/full moon tomorrow has already stared to send out it’s juju and there’s another 4 days to benefit

A lunar eclipse is a time of beginnings, endings, exposure and major changes. It always has something to do with relationships. The changes are tied to how we relate and will have a lasting impression. Emotions run high, causing upsets and feelings of disorientation. Actions taken often do not have the expected results, but they do bring awareness and enlightenment. During this lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, if it is emotional growth you are after – here’s your chance. The energy of an eclipse is at its strongest during the two days before and three days after its occurrence.

At lunar eclipses we: merge, unite, announce, contact, present ourselves, bring something out into the open, make decisions, engage, rise to the challenge, make an effort, change, get a new perspective, join with others, take on greater challenges, travel at a faster pace, feel restless, feel pressured by deadlines and a buildup of emotions, and experience excitement and crisis.

During a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are in opposition, also called the Full Phase, indicating the linking of soul to spirit and awareness of purpose gained through relationship with another. A lunar eclipse is a supercharged Full Moon. The blocking of the Moon’s reflection of the Sun’s light by the Earth suggests that our material viewpoint stands in the way of our “seeing the light”. It serves as a reminder that we need to realize how we are held in the dark by virtue of our perspective.

The way I see it is – now is a great time to see the truth. The changes (whatever ‘they’ are) are happening – whether you like it or not. What you do have a choice in, is if you’re willing to be open and invite them into your life. You have the choice to ride this wave or fight it, in which case, you’re wasting your time, you CANNOT fight the waves!

This is a positive time, even if it doesn’t feel that comfortable! There is optimism all around and the light is at the end of the tunnel (funnily enough, i’ve heard a lot of people say that recently). You just have to understand, you have the choice to do what you want to do with this light, all the opportunities and the crazy dynamic energy. The least you can do is be aware of it, let go and be open. The rest will follow.

Have fun choosing!

~ Gratitude to all my teachers who have guided me towards this light ~

More on this moon… amazing…


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