'Just is-ness'

I am the best and most talented person in the world when it comes to reading into things, taking them apart and understanding them in their most deepest metaphorical sense…
That said, right now I am having a complete metapohrical mind blank.
It’s like there is so much I could say but also absolutely nothing to say about anything at all.
Confused? Me too!
I guess some would find this feeling disturbing…
For me it is so refreshing.
Everything just is.
I feel very satisfied in the ‘just is-ness’ of it all.
At post practice chats & chanting on Sunday, Sarah Hatcher (my teacher) defined ‘Samadhi’ (enlightenment or oneness) in passing, (probably without really thinking about it);
“Absorbing what you see without getting involved…”
So simple but so perfect.
Perhaps this is what is happening.
Jeeze – I hope I can still write my blog without my usual metaphorical mind madness!


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