It's all in your head…

It is hard for me to believe it has already been 2 weeks since I wrote this post.
That full moon brought about a lot of change for a lot of people and you may have noticed the changes did not stop there…
It was 2 weeks of pure change and so the theme of ‘Riding It’, was best continued into the very last drops of this lunar cycle…
Radical change has been around for a lot of us – I speak from listening to my nearest and dearest, as well as my own self.
From this the natural desire to understand what we’re experiencing is bubbling up too…
“What does this all mean and why…?”
It seems pulling things apart and analyzing is the best route to ‘the answer’…
The thing is though – this is the PERFECT time to find new names for our reality.
That said, the answers might not come from somewhere/something/someone you already fully know or understand!
(No kidding, whatever you think it is, well that is probably not it – it’s the other thing so far from what you expect… got it?!)
What (T.F) does that mean?
Quite simply – be open to ANYTHING.
Scary, huh?

Fear not, Tomorrows New Moon is going to help us all out. Horrah! Read on…
Have you noticed how when the shit hits the fan, or things change and you can’t figure out what’s going to happen now, you decide to introduced MORE problems in order to out weigh the one you think you have already?
(I’ll let you recognize that habit in yourself for yourself in your own time!)
The obvious choice here is to stop overloading your self, step back, take a moment to reassess…
Yes, I know, when you’re deep in it, it’s hard to do such a thing!
The best advice I have here is to pay close attention to the things you might think/feel are least important…
What are your dreams, fantasies and meditations trying to tell you?
(Are you paying attention?)
Right now, your ego-consciousness/right brain/frontal lobe is going into over drive.
[Insert robot voice here!] “MUST FIGURE THIS OUT NOW!”
So, here’s the good news… tomorrow, as the moon completes this cycle we enter a whole new cycle…
Yes, we will be pushed to face our fears (you may have had a glimpse of this already), we will also see reality and find plans that will work, as if by magic… you may punch yourself when you see how simple it was all along 😉
Just like the past full moon’s ‘ride it don’t fight it’ theme, I would recommend getting in touch with where you are at and letting whatever comes up, FLOW… whatever it is, let it rip… fear, anger, hunger and lust… it’s real, it’s happening. FEEL IT ~
NB; don’t let it take over your entire being!
***Be the observer at all times***

Sometimes this can sound too simplistic.
Just like when someone tells you “…love is the answer.”
I think deep down, we all know that’s true, but to swallow it takes a lot of courage.
We are being asked to listen to our instincts and stop the over analyzing…
We are inviting in the ”Ehhh????” (#confusedface)
I know so much about this because I am the girl who might be known for analyzing the dust beneath your feet!
So, take it from someone who has experienced and recognized this detrimental behavior.
Stop right now, make the space for it and just feel.

There is a lot of LOVE around – whether you like it or not 😉
So don’t worry, it’s all going to be alright!
There is so much more I could say about these magical flows of change – June has only just begun – the solstice on 21st is soooooo close!
This beautiful time of year brings up a lot of great blogging material!
I am itching to delve deeper.
NO! Let’s leave it here for now…

Embrace the new moon tomorrow as an opportunity to plug into yourself.
Sit back and really feel what you’re feeling in whatever you are doing, wherever you are, whoever you are with.

There has been a lot of change outside of you & perhaps this is causing a little change inside of you?
When you change your limiting thoughts, you change your behavior.
To really change your whole attitude, you need to change the story going on in your unconscious…
Sit comfortably with yourself for some time.
Listen to your dreams now and then work with them to understand their hidden messages.


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