Fearlessly Raw Host

Last night Twist & Sprout (that’s me and Lorna) were invited to dinner at our friend Nick’s house.
I quite simply couldn’t NOT blog about this…
We’ve known Nick for a while now.
He’s one of our biggest ‘fans’!
Nick supports us in all that we do and has been on two of our retreats (Dunkeld & Costa Rica)…
The potential for fear of judgement could have been pretty high as last night (NIcks choice by the way) the roles were well and truly reversed!
Check it out…


...the chef at work!

…the chef at work!


Our humble host...

Our humble host…

Delicious, unique, interesting and satisfying…
The meal was pretty good too 😉
Seriously though, what an incredible treat it was, to be catered for and told to sit back and relax.
Fearlessly and adventurously Nick pulled out all the stops!
What a guy!
He’s showing us all, you don’t have to be a master or an expert to have a couple of weirdos like us over for supper 😉
Thanks Nick! You are T&S approved!


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