Killie Road Trip

Yesterday Twist & Sprout made a special visit to Lorna’s old high school in Kilmarnock.
‘Killie’ (as Lorna likes to call it) is about 20 minutes past Glasgow on the motorway.
I’d never been before, all my family are in Glasgow so that’s as far as we’d ever go on the lovely M8.

The road to Killie...

The road to Killie…

In all honesty, Lorna’s many tales from growing up made me think we might need to keep the doors locked at the traffic lights.
As we finally reached our destination, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and with a nice bit of Bob Dylan on the stereo – it was difficult to feel the fear i’d been prepared to feel!
FxCam_1370777537684As we pulled into the car park, I turned to Lorna and said –
“…seriously? This place is way nicer than my high school!”
St Josephs school had been completely rebuilt 3 years ago and I think the ethos was given a once over too.
So, why were we there in the first place?
The Enspire festival…

‘Enspire’ is an exciting new festival taking place on 9 June run entirely by young people in St Joseph’s Academy, Kilmarnock. Inspired by the world famous TED Talks a team of S4 pupils from St. Joseph’s Academy in Kilmarnock have organised their own home-grown festival of ideas: Enspire.

Enspire is being designed and curated by an S4 Enterprise class who have established an events business called ID Launch. They have been working towards this all year. The purpose of Enspire is simple: to harness energy, creativity and ideas to make a difference by thinking differently. The festival is based around three powerful words: reinvention, inspiration and transformation. All presentations will take as their starting point the themes of reinvention, inspiration or transformation. The festival also features bands, comedy, entertainment and great local food cooked by their pop-up restaurant.

Naturally, with Lorna being an ex-pupil co-running her own business ‘Twist & Sprout’ (Healthy living form the inside out…) she was snapped up a while ago before we’d even booked in any other Edinburgh based events.
This was also an event Twist & Sprout could not turn down – any chance to get healthy food into strangers bellies, encourage conscious choices, inspire and spread the love… we’re in!
Even after being warned of the up-hill struggle we may ave had before us, I was absolutely blown away by St Josephs efforts to inspire their students and encourage them to shoot for the stars!
The entrance way showcased the most incredible plaque with a mission statement that would blow any government out of the water!

If these are the kids of tomorrow – I feel we can all breathe a little sigh of releif.
Each and every student was so helpful, generous and friendly.
They seemed to be genuinely interested in their ideas and cause.
All in all the day was pretty quiet, there were not many guests and we left with a more left over cacao smoothie than expected..
…that said, seeing these kids totally rock it out on INSPIRATION and TRANSFORMATION left me full to the brim with positivity and motivation.
Their quote for the day… “Be the change you wish to see in the world”…
…stood out and shouted louder than anything else for me.
These kids are actually doing it and we should too.


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