WANTED: Greenhouse Wizard


For just over 2 months at the beginning of this year I jumped in to the role of Green House Volunteer at Finca De Vida.
Having never ‘greenhoused’ before – to be completely honest, I was pretty nervous about messing up.
That said Brian and Jody took me in with out doubts and showed me how it’s done.
By the end of  the retreat season I was in even deeper love with this farm, having seen all the steps in it’s flow – this was one of the most rewarding parts. Planting, loving, nurturing and harvesting. Plus lots of satisfying hard graft along the way!
I learned so much – and I don’t just mean about the plants… Finca De Vida is a magical place that leaves no part of your soul stirred and invigorated.
Being invited back to the farm in November as volunteer staff was one of the best moments of my life!
I was excited but nervous too… I might have learned a lot but I wasn’t feeling as confident as I’d like in taking the greenhouse to the next level.
But of course I AM going back.
Brian and Jody reminded me; they don’t need an expert, just someone with a big heart and is ready to practice loving service.
I guess, that must be me then!
So, Lorna and I have been back about 3 months now, Twist & Sprout has hit the ground running.
All this time we have been planning and creating, giving Edinburgh the best experience of our Twist & Sprout magic.
We have also been preparing for our own retreat at Finca De Vida in February, right in the middle of the retreat season.
So, it is now only 4 months away and we’ll be flying back there well and truly ready for another epic adventure! We’ll of course be volunteering for other retreats as well as hosting our own group.

In the meantime, there have been some developments…
One member of last seasons team has taken a new path… she has been offered an incredible job in her home town which fulfills her dreams and more.
We’re all so happy for her as well as sad she won’t be joining us this time… she’s a hard act to follow that’s for sure!
Becuase of the changes, some roles have been re-jigged and between the us it has been decided; now is the perfect time to find That Gardener…
I am going to step in to Emma’s shoes and open the door to someone who can really get stuck in to loving that green house and growing food for the farm.
Hence, the title of today’s blog…
Are you a green fingered wizard?
Do you have what it takes to give Finca De Vidas Greenhouse what it requires and deserves?
Master or not, Brian and Jody would love to hear from you.
Not only will you be chief of the greenhouse – you will also be perched on the edge of the epic Costa Rican jungle.
The amount of time you can give to the farm depends on what you can offer… so offer what you can and see if it works out. The longer you can stay and grow with the projects the better – plants don’t like to be abandoned!
Waterfalls, beaches, wildlife, spring water, sunshine and all the fresh raw fruits and vegetables you could ever desire are right at you finger tips plus so much more… this could easily be described as an opportunity of a lifetime.
Those 2 months changed my life – only for the better – I couldn’t recommend jumping on this chance enough to everyone.
Please contact me if you have any questions or I can pass you on to them directly… ultimately they are the ones who will be accepting you as a volunteer.
Are you available November through April… or more?
If this sparked a flame in you, now is the time to get intouch.

Looking forward to perhaps spending time with you at Finca De Vida!

Pura Vida!


2 thoughts on “WANTED: Greenhouse Wizard

  1. Lucy Cunningham says:


    A freind just sent me through the info about you needing a greenhouse wizard. I think I fit the bill 🙂 I´m not free at the moment though, nor will I be in November…so you´re maybe thinking, em, so what can you do…? Well, I love the sound of your project so much that I´d like to go on your mailing list, be kept up to date with your happenings, and consider it again if our times coincide, in April 2015!!

    It is a long way off I know…but we have just secured two years´of funding to set up community gardens in Glasgow,. Scotland, and I´m determined to see it through. It´s very hard work, growing communities as well as food, in often rather grim weather and circumstances. But at Urban Roots we bring light and love to everything we do, and that way we succeed…which is why I´m so into the sound of your project. And I speak fluent Spanish and was plannig to come to South America after this project anyway…it all sounds very synchronous (except of course the timing, but hey, we shall see how it pans out)…

    Love and light to you all, may you enjoy all that you grow 🙂

    Lucy xxxx

  2. Robyn Lomenzo says:

    I am a student at West Chester University in Pennsylvania studying Ecology and Conservation. A friend of mine took a Spanish course with a professor who knew about you guys and passed this blog to her. Knowing that this would be of great interest to me, she forwarded me the information. I have grown up loving plants and have concentrated my major around plant science. I have no professional propagation experience but I am happy to say I’m growing my own food right now in my back yard! I work at two native plant nurseries right now for the summer so I’m learning more everyday. I go back to school in the Fall for my final semester and graduate in early December. I would love to spend the holidays with my family but would be ready for this adventure come January!

    This previous semester I took a course called Tropical Ecosystem Ecology and Conservation. From that experience I have deeply fallen in love with the rain forest and tropics. It has become a destination that I plan to explore one day. This opportunity is truly unbelievable! I would love to be put in contact with Brian and Jody!

    Thank you so much,
    Robyn Lomenzo

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