Famous Raw Foodies etc.

This was going to be a FaceBook status update…
Now however, I have so much to say and quite frankly it’s too exiting… it has to be a blog!

It’s been a while since I consciously & intentionally spouted on about Raw Food.
I just don’t think there’s any point.
If you’re going to do it, you’ll do it when you’re ready. You don’t need me to tell you what to do (although granted, you may need a little inspiration).
It works for me but I believe I was not put on this earth to make other people do what I do to feel good, look good, perform optimally or heal diseases.
It’s my job just to do what works for me.
I wear my heart and my diet on my sleeve in the hope that it is enough to help people if they need it.
Yes, I eat a ‘raw food diet’ and it’s pretty clear from my various social media outputs that’s what I do.
This is not to say I think it is the ‘right diet’ for everyone…
I simply think it’s a darn good idea to try it, at least once… just in case it does make a difference.
If it is similar or better to that which it made in me, it’s worth the experiment. You never know what you might find out along the way.

As you are learning, I do like to offer it up as an option, in that I like to show and tell but not force upon people, even if it is just as a gateway to being a tiny little bit healthier!

So, when I read this…

“Word also has it that David Bowie and supermodel wife Iman have hired a raw foods chef…”
Read more here

…I knew it would be fun to do a little more research, even if it’s just for my own satisfaction…


Venus Williams; former World No. 1 tennis player and ranked World No. 35 in singles as of June 24, 2013. Ranked World No. 1 in singles by the Women’s Tennis Association on three separate occasions.

Yep, it feeds my giant ego to be able to drop casually into conversations; “Venus Williams eats like me…” 😉

Here’s what else I found as I delved deeper…

Uma loves her Raw lifestyle too!

For those who know me, know I love Uma. Guess what?! Uma loves her Raw lifestyle too!

By simply typing ‘famous, raw, food’ in to Google I uncovered pages of A-list celebrities who are doing this. Donna Karan (DKNY), Sting, Alicia Silverstone, Cher, Jason Mraz, Susan Sarandon, Edward Norton, Angela Bassett… even Victoria Beckham has caught on… Read more here

Saturday night has never been so exciting – right?! 😉
Next week… famous Ashtangis (yoga junkies like me), ’cause I also like to drop it in every now and again that I practice the same style of yoga as Sting, and Madonna 😉
Just kidding about the name dropping in conversations by the way, i’m bad, but not that bad… you just never know what inspires people, or who for that matter.
Whatever works for you…

Sting, rockin' out an easy 'ardha matsyendrasana'

Sting, rockin’ out an easy ‘ardha matsyendrasana’


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