Edinburgh Festival Line Up…

Full Moon is a holiday in the world of Ashtanga Yoga
Ashtangi’s get to sleep in and perhaps see the hours of 6-10am a little differently.
For the rest of the day, we’re advised to take it a but easier.
Not me… Twist & Sprout have a wild schedule through August so we’re cranking up our work days… devoted to making this a month to remember!
The plans are taking shape already
Yes… watch out Edinburgh 🙂 Raw food is about to take on a whole other meaning…
From, Burgers & Fries to Cacao Driven Elixir Mixer DJ sets.
Plus, I’ll be teaching there daily which fills me to the brim with joy ♥
Don’t miss out! Come and see us at our base Meadowlark Shop, just off Middle Meadow Walk, here in E’burgh.
So, here’s a wee sneaky preview of Lorna and I shootin’ the breeze on the Meadows making super fun plans for YOU!


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