Festival Frivolities – Fin.







On Monday I boarded a train to London.
I was reading and this pops up about 2 hours from Edinburgh. I was sad to leave but I felt a sudden sense of joy – yes, i’m doing it.
This train journey is one I have done many times before – I used to go up and down a lot between visiting my sister years ago, living there during my teacher training and then later visiting friends once I’d finally moved on…
This time the train ride felt a little different.
I was feeling a whole lot of emotion that in the past I had not noticed.
These last months in Edinburgh have been life changing, unforgettable and incredible.
Not because of the city – I dread to say this out loud folks but to be honest the city of Edinburgh doesn’t charm me all that much!
For me, it is the people, my family, friends and colleagues; it was the relationships that formed or were healed and the lessons I learned that have made this latest jaunt in E’burgh the best, the most unique and wonderful for sure.

You may have seen/heard that during the past month Twist & Sprout were sprouting out at Meadowlark Shop!
In the foyer Lorna served up some seriously super, superfood smoothies and sweet treats while I fed my passion on the other side of the wall; teaching yoga daily through the Edinburgh festival.
Twist & Sprout has been back on British turf for nearly 5 months now.
As seen here – it has been quite a journey.
We’ve popped-up, we’ve twisted lots and we have definitely sprouted!
We didn’t stop to look around, we just went at it and shared what we know works for us and practiced as much of the stuff we love as possible.
Now that this short chapter in T&S history is coming to an end and I have to say it has been one of the sweetest chapters of my life so far!
While still dealing/growing with life, love and the universe, Lorna and I fully embodied ‘Twist & Sprout’ and shared a bounty of love and inspiration (our 2 mega missions) consistently, full of faith and belief.
We will be back up to Edinburgh a few more times over the next few weeks for retreats and events*, but mainly we’ll be piloting a live-in scheme down in London.
(*Keep an eye out for those workshops by signing up for the newsletter here.)
Yes, we are heading south for a couple of months before heading even further south (and a bit to the left!) for another 6 month chapter back in Costa Rica at the Farm Of Life!
November 2013 – April/May 2014 is going to be another jungle adventure full of surprises!

Still, it is going to be beyond difficult to forget the past 5 months and so I won’t…
I’ll remember this time as that time we just went for it, jumped in with both feet and believed so strongly in something that has the potential to change peoples lives for the better.
We truly didn’t waste a second, every minute counted on so many different levels ~ even when we were having a ‘day off’… oh no, “…every day is a school day!”

Now I am here in London, I am surrounded, saturated by easy reach yoga, superfoods, raw cafes and juice on the go – what we were trying to ‘sell’ in Edinburgh as a new and exciting addition to life is so normal here it’s hard to believe!
The sun is shining and after writing this blog I intend to go and soak up as much as I can.
Yippee! Lorna will be here too in a couple of weeks, right after the EAT festival in Newcastle!
I have to say for now, I am melting into the ease of healthy living even in a gritty and dirty city like London.
All of this does not make me bitter, in comparison to Scotland… sure it is easy here and it was a challenge up north but that’s just what made it what it was and makes T&S what we are!
I am proud… T&S will Twist and Sprout no matter what no matter where.
Bring it on!
Here are some great moments… oh and don’t worry, “we’ll be back…!” 😉
Thanks to all who supported us in our adventure, I hope to see you again very soon.
Love! x











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