Loose Yogi

It’s new moon.
And that is a good thing.
Today’s blog is not a D&M on the lunar cycles and their impact.
No, today is about me and my recently acquired dirty habit…
I am a yoga hussy.
For the first time in a week I am taking a day off being this shameless yoga tramp.
That’s right – I spent the last week quite blatantly pimping myself from studio to studio.
I know, i know – going to a ton of different teachers, getting adjusted left right and center while traveling a lot & sleeping less, it is a recipe for aching muscles and a jangled mind… and yeah, today I am feeling it, but boy did I have fun, so the ‘feeling it’ actually feels sadistically good.

Tuesday was not really where this began, it was more like the calm before the storm….
I practiced at home – it was quiet, slow and meditative.
I took savasana after only 45 minutes feeling a little shell shocked from leaving Edinburgh the day before.

On Wednesday & Thursday I was lucky enough to practice along side about 100 other keen Ashtangi’s at Shartah tour, here in London. I don’t have photos but I won’t forget what it felt like to be back in a room packed full like that. The vibe was surprisingly chilled this time – I did not feel a certain competitiveness or rushing that was present in earlier years

Friday was super exciting for me – I got to go back to The Life Centre in Notting Hill, where I lived, worked and practiced for 2 years about 7 years ago.
I had an exhilarating practice and came out of there feeling lighter than I have in weeks.
My run way and savasana view looked like this:



Blue Skies!

Saturday – TAKE REST! And oh boy am I am glad I did….

Sunday. Now in Paris, it was time to sample some of the yoga delights on the continent… Ashtanga Yoga Paris was bright, clean, clear and pure feeling. (I confess it was kinda cool to practice with sultry French accents whispering away in the background). The yogis at AYP seemed pretty serious but still friendly, the teacher; nurturing, observant and softly spoken – I had a dreamy practice which again concluded with a loved up after effect which lasted all day.

Monday & Tuesday – Time for me to venture deep into the heart of London’s yoga scene, Tri Yoga Soho.
The effects of these 2 days are still with me!
Monday’s practice was long, powerful and deep.
Tuesday equally intense but shorter and more potent.
I can feel pretty much every muscle in my body through to my little toes.
And, I loved it.
In fact I cannot wait to go back next week after a short jaunt north with Twist & Sprout.

Sarah (my dear teacher), I miss you so much. What I can say is I am so grateful for the foundations I have been taught to allow me to drink up this past week safely and with a light heart.
I guess you could say that right now, I am on a yoga rebound, a little unhinged and kinda crazy.
But as they said at AYP, I guess if I leave my ego at the door I’ll be okay…



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