The Farm of Life needs your support!

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In just 5 weeks Lorna and I will be making our way back to the jungle!
This will be my 3rd trip to Finca De Vida and 100% guaranteed there will be even more magic happening there.
The thing that amazes me most about FDV is that they manage to offer such a high end quality service to their guests, from short to long term, everyone is offered the best.
They manage to keep the price low enough that every day people can visit, this healing retreat is not just for those with excess cash to spend on anything they want.
FDV allows people the chance to choose alternative healing, rejuvination and wellbeing no matter what their day job is.
I got an email from Jody & Brian (owners of FDV) yesterday telling me about their latest project to ensure this stays the same…
Jody said, “…we won’t raise our prices…we want our teachings to be accessible to all people and we want to remain the world’s most affordable natural healing center.  So, our choice was to call-in the laws of abundance with an Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign”
So, that’s why I am writing to you today.
I’ve seen with my own eyes and felt it for myself – this place is irreplaceable and vitally important if we are choosing to take charge of our own health – whoever you are.
FDV needs a little help to maintain this vision – can you help? Do you want to be involved?
Please watch the following YouTube video explaining their vision then check out their Indiegogo Campaign here:

As for Twist & Sprout…. our retreat in February is already attracting folks from all walks of life, we’re excited to create another awesome week of adventure and new experiences.
One of our guests last year said; “… everyone needs to experience this at least once in their life!”
Get in touch if you need a little help making that final decision on booking your spot.
You too can experience FDV in this lifetime you just have to choose it then make it happen!

This could be you!

This could be you!


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