Last night I got NOBU-ED!

With this kind of life style I get asked a lot – “…don’t you miss going out for dinner?”
Then I go to London for a month and eat out more times than you can count on two hands and don’t blog about it once!
I promise to post some photos soon of the wonderful creations I have been presented with here in the big smoke.
This one however, could not wait!

Friday, Saturday & Sunday I attended an intensive workshop by Meghan Currie at Indadba Yoga
We sweated it out, moved through some layers, uncovered some magic. We dug deep.
I love my Ashtanga practice more than life itself, but *play time* is vital to me. I must play or I wilt. This explains my love for music. Music moves mountains.
Discovering some new edges in this vinyasa workshop, armed with the tools I found in Ashtanga was truly delicious 🙂
Sunday’s class with Meghan Currie was called ‘Constant Orgasm’!
Now then, how else to top off this inspiring weekend than dining at one of the sexiest, swishest restaurants in London?!


Oh and I grabbed a posh persons green juice on route on Marylebone High Street of course!

Next, it was off to the heart of Mayfair…
Ladies and Gentleman, I give you;
Hello. Heaven.
Yes, I can dine out!
No, it doesn’t have to be a hippy cafe in Camden Town…
No, there doesn’t have to be spirulina hidden in any of the dishes!
I wish I’d had taken some more photos last night – but something tells me this is not the done thing here.
To give you an idea, Nobu London was created by Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa and was opened in conjunction with partners Robert De Niro, restaurateur Drew Nieporent!
The menu at Nobu London, reflected Matsuhisa’s classic Japanese training as a sushi chef in Tokyo, as well as on South American influences gained during his travels. It opened in 1997 and was awarded one Michelin star, which it still retains today!
The staff were ultra accommodating and friendly, even for a what they might see as a difficult customer, they made it seem easy and normal to meet my needs.
All I had to do was ask.
The nice waiter sat next to us and was more than happy to talk me through the menu and explain what might be best for a raw foodie like me.
Shortly after, I was served the most exquisite meal of raw, vegetable sushi and salads like i’d never tasted before.
The atmosphere was great – you could *feel* the enjoyment of deliciousness in the room!
SO, if you’re looking for a Constant Orgasm (and cannot make it to Meghan Curries’ workshops/don’t do yoga) – this my friends is the next best thing (but then again, nothing is as good as the real thing ;)).


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