Mission Caretake at FDV…

Day 2 here at Finca De Vida, Costa Rica.
I had 2 goals on my mind…
#1 Big time bonding with our Finca De Vida family…











#2 Epic debrief sessions on ‘mission care take’… including a (not) dressed rehearsal of cleaning the cool pools!































Clear leaves & rainforest debris. Take a dunk in the fresh spring water. Empty. Clean. Refill.
This system is genius – and it delivers simple, effective and free healing!
I can’t wait to visit this spot daily and keep it beautiful & welcoming for Finca De Vida guests 🙂

It was great to catch up with Jody and Brian again even though it was just for 48 hours!
At 5:15am this morning we took Jody & Brian (FDV’s owners) to the bus station in San Isidro.
For the next 24 days Lorna and I will be alone here on the farm, with the exception of 4 large dogs, 1 cat and a whole lot of nature.
Don’t worry Mum… 5 local employees will be here working on some FDV projects Mon-Fri, 5:30am-4pm, so we are not completely alone should the road get washed away or something… 😉
We were last here just 6 months ago & I am amazed at what has been achieved… this place never seizes to amaze me!
While Twist & Sprout were busy back in Edinburgh, B&J managed to build 2 new guest cabins, bring a struggling greenhouse back to life (which is now delivering an abundance of greens – almost too many for us to eat!)…. and so much more.

So, yesterday we had an up to date tour of the greenhouse & have downloaded our instructions for these next few weeks:
Daily watering, planting, harvesting, composting, pest controlling, re-mineralising and more…
We’ve got our ‘to-do’ list which includes some pretty cool assignments, such as helping with the developments of the FDV recipe book!
When we’re not caring for the farm Lorna and I will be busy blogging, making videos and planning for our Twist & Sprout retreat here in February 2014 *** MORE DETAILS HERE! ***

Last night we had a beautiful sun set…
Tonight, as I write this the rainy season is showing it’s true colors… Rain… BIG TIME!
We are bundled up in the house blogging, drinking tea and listening to Van Morrison.
Our main focus… how can we share this feeling of freedom and choice with as many people as possible?
It’s hard to consolidate how I feel right now – i’m in a soup of missing those I love back in the UK, loving my current surroundings and there’s an awesome unknowing & anticipation for what’s to come these next 6 months.
What stands out the most is this re-curing thought…
This is my life?
I created this?
Holy S*it!
I am blessed.
I love it.
I love it all!
Even the parts that feel yucky, hard to swallow and scary.
Oh my…
I can feel a whole lot of bloggin’ coming on…
Hasta Luego! ♥


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