16 hours of me-ness

Lorna & I are juicing for a few days while the farm is quiet and there’s space for us to do so.
Some of you wanted to know what my days look like.
The answer is – NEVER the same!
For what it’s worth…
This is what I did today…
5:30am – Wake & drink 1 quart of fresh FDV lemon water
7am – Yoga
9am – Water the greenhouse & drink a coconut
9:30am – Juice a water melon, drink it & get ready for the market
10:30am – Drive through the stunning diamante valley to the market in San Isidro listening to some epic tunes, singing & philosophizing.
20131107_1621512:30pm – Back to FDV – a quick dunk in the cool pools on the way up the road that leads to the house 🙂 we are ALIVE!
3pm – Unload the truck, make a green juice (celery, cucumber, apple, greens from the FDV greenhouse) then head to the spa a colonic (FDV has it’s own colonic machine!)
5pm – Ginger & turmeric tea while I catch up on emails etc
6pm – Last juice of the day – Tomato, pepper, PILES of greens from the FDV greenhouse, and carrot
7pm – i.e. NOW – write a blog, more singing and philosophizing with Lorna
Not bad!
Good Night!


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