5 Day Water Fast; 1 Farm, 2 Girls and a whole lotta' water!

glass_of_waterForeword… I though I’d mention, this was the hardest blog I have ever written! Maybe because it’s impossible to consolidate such an experience, maybe  because I anticipate a huge wave of fear. Whatever it is…. it is what it is and I simply have to share what I can from this.
The main thing is, my experience has been positive of many levels and right now I love my life and everyone in it.

5 Day Water Fast; 1 Farm, 2 Girls and a whole lotta’ water!
If you have been following my blog the past 2 weeks, you’ll know by now I am currently at Finca De Vida, Costa Rica.
The first time I came here in 2010 I met a man named Tom. I will never forget him.
Tom, in his seventies was the first person I had ever met to have water fasted.
I was so inspired by his story, he lost weight, reduced his swollen prostate, regained his eyesight and much more.
At the time I didn’t even think about doing a water fast, I was about 3 years into a raw lifestyle, felt great and didn’t feel drawn to.
All I knew was that I had seen someone heal and I went on to see many many more cases like it.
Since then I have heared some incredible stories about water fasting as a method for deep healing, recuperation, physical rest, cellular renewal and more.
Now, a little further along my life path, water fasting became more interesting to me. Not because I have illness or disease or the need to loose weight. My interest comes from the idea that by removing food from the picture, drinking only water for a period of time can heal so deeply, what can it do for a person who is fully functioning & happy individual?
What does it feel like and what can it do for the mind?
I wanted to explore something that has been used for aeons as a healing paradigm with such spectacular results.
The thing is, I predicted it would need optimal conditions i.e. good sources of our other fuels; earth, water, air, sunlight.
I also predicted it would be hard for my nearest and dearest (and the general public) who would most likely become concerned – this method is not as well known as it used to be!
The little spark was always there in the back of my mind – when the time was right, I’d do it for myself and see.

When I confirmed I was coming to Finca De Vida this November, pre-retreat season that little spark got a lot brighter.
At the moment the farm has no guests, our first flow of guests arrive early December.
We are surrounded by spring water coming out of every tap, we have sun shine every day, pristine air and organic lands for miles.
Everything felt right about doing a water fast now.
I have had a very dynamic year, lots of change and new beginnings.
I could really do with some stillness and clarity.
My body is in good shape so I was definitely ready and strong enough to do this.
Lorna is here too, but apart from that we are pretty much alone.
Brian and Jody left for their trip to the US a week or so ago, our daily interactions are with the 5 local staff who are busy all day preparing the farm for December. Our other company comes from 4 huge dogs & 1 little cat.
The entire experience seemed to be divinely orchestrated… Lorna and I both wanted to do this, at the same time with a similar intention; to let go into the experience, let what ever comes up come up and allow the fast to do it’s thing.
Armed with tons of information and advice from Brian and Jody we both felt this was an opportunity not to be missed.

So, what happens when you place 2 girls in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle and they drink water. Just water?
The answer – not a lot really!
It’s true, my number 1 observation of these 5 days (which are now over), is exactly that – not much happens.
As in, you literally cannot do anything!
Over the course of 5 days I went from being a perfectly capable human being to someone who could barley walk to the green house and back without having to stop many times to breath, ground and regroup! Fast movement was not a big part of this week that’s for sure.
After day 2, I realized this just was what it was and there was no point trying to fight it.
Observation number 2 (not that I needed to be reminded of this one!)… I am a perpetual do-er.
I am sure whoever reads this is by now thinking “hey, what about the hunger?”… don’t worry, i’ll get to that!
You see, with water fasting you become so still, both physically and mentally, that you are able to see things very very clearly.
As that clarity sinks in, for me at least, the ideas and the inspirations come, a bit like when you first wake up or when you’re lying in bed at night.
For me, there were so many ah-ha moments that it became torture! At times I became so frustrated by the weakness, even in the knowing that it was logical that I should be weak!!! Once the ah-ha moments came I felt completely compelled to go and follow through…
But you CAN’T!
HUGE lesson for me.
So instead you have to just sit there and think about it.
This leads me to observation number 3…
Some ideas are not that great after all. Clarity will help you figure that out before you go do something crazy. Stimulating yourself to get stuff done is a dangerous game.
This observation on the flip side brings many, many gifts… it means that when you have the space to really see your thoughts and your ideas, your dreams and your plans (and the willingness to look there) you REALLY know what is right.
Over these past 5 days I have deepened my love for many elements of me, I have discovered dreams and ideas that I simply cannot ignore & all the while filtering out a lot of crap that quite frankly would have held me back.
It has dawned on me that perhaps I have a deep fear of becoming a sheep, being led by blind belief without being able to make my own conscious choices… is it this that led me to do this fast?
I’m going to stop numbering my observations because if I am honest there are too many to list here!
Instead I’ll close this blog by sharing some things that happened during the 5 days.
Take them with a pinch of salt…
This is what happened to me and my body – for you it is bound to be very different.
If you’re going to ask me, would I do it again?
The answer is, if I feel drawn to… I have learned a lot. I know I have done some deep cellular renewal, I can see it and feel it.
For now though, I am ready to re-build, use what I have learned and pass it on to anyone who needs and wants to know more.

I was going to list these under ‘good’ and ‘bad’ but that just seems pointless, they are all just responses and some might be good for some and bad for others – you see? Here goes…

Clarity of mind
Huge appreciation for the remaining elements we have to draw from
Negative thoughts seem pointless and leave pretty fast
Clearer skin
Clear eyes
Weight loss
Old aches and pains leave the body
Deep rest
Waves of extreme positivity (includes dancing in your chair)
Amplified appreciation for music
Tingly Hands and Feet
Waves of ‘drunk’ feeling
Inability to move
Increased heartrate
Hunger pangs
Sore roof of mouth
Random pains in various organs which pass quickly
Empty feeling
Strange things ‘coming out’ in various ways (poop, wee, spots, tongue etc….)

And finally – this is me on the morning of Day 6, braking our fast was very welcome…..
We had fresh green coconuts with barley grass…
I still feel pretty weak, it will probably take a week or so to replace my energy stores but at the same time I feel incredible.
I am completely renewed and have a very welcome clarity of mind and passion to move forwards.
What a chance, what an experience!
If you’d like to read about Lorna’s experience of this fast CLICK HERE

NB: PLease don’t jump into a water fast alone, unguided and without the proper preparation.
If you are seriously interested come to Finca De Vida to be guided through your experience, check out True North Health for guided fasting or read this book.
Thanks for reading ~ enjoy this weekends full moon!


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