Reviewing 2 wonderfully wintery e-books by *Tanya Alekseeva*!

The fast was over, sun came out... Lorna and I crack out the Cacao after 14 days without! Good times :)

The fast was over, the rain eased off, the sun came out… Lorna and I crack out the Cacao after 14 days without! Good times 🙂

It’s been just over one week since Lorna and I completed our 5 day water fast.
Finally, we are starting to fall back into a more regular flow of life.
Everything we ate and tasted for the week that followed had an incredible intensity to it.
It made our Twist and Sprout ethos of ‘Conscious Choices’ even clearer to me and I am all the more grateful for having that approach to life now than ever before.
I certainly hit a giant ‘re-set’ button. …
Along with a new appreciation of the flavors and textures of food… I have a renewed motivation and focus in general for my over all purpose in life!
YES! 🙂

Just before the fast, both Lorna and I were contacted by a fellow Raw Food advocate and educator, Tanya Alekseeva.
Tanya released two new e-books this year and kindly sent us both copies to check out.
There was no way I was opening this treasure chest until after the fast!
Now I’ve had a good look through them both I am excited to share them with you and encourage you to get yourself an early Christmas present!!!


‘Nourished’ is a stunning collection of super high gourmet raw food recipes… 39 in total!
From my perspective, these recipes are designed to provide that feeling of winter warmth, nourishment and comfort.

All of the ingredients are of course raw and nutrient dense to ensure you are getting the most out of what you make.
The photography is beautiful… in fact, I think this will make a great Christmas present for those of you who know someone who is looking for a little extra raw information.
The book starts out with a lot of info on equipment, some background to raw living, ingredient information… all the essentials really! This is some valuable info in itself as it’s easy to understand and sets you up for success in the raw kitchen.
Another thing I liked about this e-book was the diversity of the recipes. Everything from breakfast, snacks, main meals, desserts and sides…
This e-book is simply bursting with ideas. I wouldn’t say it is strictly for a new-bee to raw – although a lot of the recipes could be – for me it might give the wrong idea if you are coming into raw food for more serious health issues from the outset. In my opinion, this e-book is perfect for those of you who are looking for an amazing dish to serve once in a while, to wow your family and friends and show them raw food can be really diverse and extremely filling.
In the meantime, i’d hope that readers don’t forget to keep it simple the rest of the time to ensure you don’t end up eating too much of the heavier dishes all of the time… but then that’s coming from someone who just loves to live super simply which means I eat pretty simple too… for those of you who know me well you’ll know I find ‘gourmet’ in a single mango!
Overall, this is a great book to keep you inspired and excited about being in the kitchen and playing with raw ingredients.
I love it and am looking forward to trying out some more of Tanya’s recipes on my friends and family when I get back to the UK
You can buy your copy here 🙂

‘Festive’ is the second of the 2 e-books Tanya sent through.
This time, the theme is CHRISTMAS! Timing couldn’t be more perfect for those of you gearing up to amaze the family with how fun raw can be. The dishes, similarly to ‘Nourished’ offer up that feeling which we all remember from those Christmas nights ~ comforted and cosy.
There’s a lot to play with in here so don’t be afraid to keep some for after Christmas too, in fact a lot of these recipes will work perfectly all year round, especially when you’re having friends over and are ready to really impress.
Again, this e-book is jam packed full with beautiful photography… this helps me a lot, I like to be able to see what it is I am trying to re-create.
You could easily provide more than one Christmas dinner from this book, so if you have many parties to go to you could take a dish or two from here and I am pretty sure some people will never guess it’s raw.
There is a total of 30 recipes in this book – pretty amazing really to get all those recipes in one place!
I am super excited to share this e-book with you!
You can buy your copy of ‘Festive’ here 🙂
Over all, I really like Tanya’s style. I often feel raw food is portrayed in a strange ‘we’re hippies so who cares what it looks like’ kind of way – just because we’re not cooking, it doesn’t mean we cannot be glamorous, classy and fancy!
Tanya’s work has a certain wow-factor that I have not seen enough in the raw food world.
Check it out for yourself!

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