You can have what you want

Lorna and I arrived at Finca De Vida exactly one moon cycle ago.
A complete moon cycle or ‘lunar cycle’ (New Moon to New Moon) is also called a “lunation”.
In around 28 days the moon will completely circle the earth. Cool huh?!
In that time, we have firmly sunk our feet into the earth here in Costa Rica.
It was one of my intentions, one ‘lunation’ ago, to fully arrive here on this farm and I feel my intention is complete.
Time now then for a review… who, what, why, when, how?
Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the New Moon.
I love moving through life in tune with the lunar cycles. It’s something I have always been drawn to, if anything it allows us to look to the sky at night, dream a little and ask ourselves, what can I manifest in this next cycle?
I have written many times about the power of the moon cycles, in particular the New Moon as the perfect time for introspection and intention setting.

So, how do we set intentions?
The word manifestation is being thrown around a lot these days.
It was not until recently that I fully understood the concept. I’d read it in books, I’d watched movies, I’d heared it countless times from the endless ‘New Age’ folk that I am surrounded by in my life… but I had not really grasped the fact that yes…
How? Manifest it.
First; let’s become aware the word manifestation literally means – ‘to appear’ and in this context, that appearance comes directly from your thoughts.

I am not a religious person so didn’t know until I Googled it, that the increasingly popular phrase;
“Ask and you shall receive” was pulled from the bible

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

Whats more, we also have to fully acknowledge what it is we truly want in the first place and this has to come from some serious radical honesty with yourself. In fact, not just with yourself but with others too.  Before you go there; it’s important you start with yourself.
I am happy to put my hand up and confess, the saying it out loud part is by far the hardest part.
I remember around about this time last year finally sitting myself down and saying;
“… okay Susan, it’s time to get real, be honest, what is it you really want?”
I was ready to unveil, not only what I wanted spiritually but it was about time I looked at *all* the other aspects of my life.
This included, love, career, physical aspects, emotional and much more.
Something had raised it to my awareness that by focusing on what I don’t want wasn’t getting me anywhere.
I’d spent enough time complaining or observing the things that weren’t working that well for me, (this ranged in every way from food to friendships).
It’s now no surprise to me that I wasn’t that successful at bringing in the opposites.
So, that’s exactly what I did….
I sat down and I write down on paper *all* the stuff I didn’t or had not liked in the past about various parts of life.
I wasn’t going to keep this piece of paper so I went for it.
You can do this for anything – a car, a partner, a bank account…
And wow – was I surprised.
The list went on and on… pages of non-desires and non-requirements!
Apparently I had pretty strong feelings about what I don’t want or didn’t enjoy all stored up in my brain and it was time to flip the perspective…
Seeing all this stuff on paper can be pretty shocking. It is revealing and the more sensitive you are to your needs, the harder it is to see the things you don’t like. Often this process brings up feelings of guilt, judgement and even shame. I remember looking at my ‘list’ and thinking “wow, I am so judgmental!”.
I was grateful to know that I would later burn the paper and have a new list with quite the opposite list of statements.
This was going to be a turn around moment.
Now, looking back, this was the best thing I could have done. I realize now that you have to first acknowledge who you are. There I was, all spread out on paper. Me and everything I desired and required.
The next step was to take every phrase (it’s a good idea to have lots of pieces of paper with different parts of your life as titles).
Then, you flip it….
For example….
“I’m tired of not making as much money as I need to buy good quality superfoods”
“I am make more than enough money to buy all the superfoods I require”
TAKE IT ONE STEP FURTHER… make a list of the things you’d like to buy!
remember, you can do this for *anything*, including people, your living situation, your career, the fun stuff you do…
And before you think those crazy thoughts “… but what makes me worthy of having everything I want?”
Stop yourself.
This is exactly the thought pattern that is stopping you and holding you back.
Do you want to be happy? Do you want to be successful? Do you want to help others be happy and successful?
Well then, it is time to change the story.
Flip it.
YOU ARE WORTHY. We *all* are.
Don’t wait another second.
Tomorrow (New Moon) is a great day to start this process.
Make a list of lists then start pouring out all the crap you think, feel and see that doesn’t or has not pleased you.
Next, take each statement and flip it.
Burn the ‘do not like’ list!!!
Finally, sit back and wait patiently for the magic to happen.
Trust me, it does.
If I were into spreading my personal life all over the place, I’d tell you the many many many awesome things that have come my way…
But, I’m going to keep that to myself and let you do yours.

Before I sign off, remember, manifestation is POWERFUL and also occurs for the things you don’t specifically ask for (e.g. it could be just something you have been thinking about a lot).
Doing the list is simply a way to acknowledge it all for yourself.
A final note on belief and faith…
You have to believe that this works, even if you don’t you are going to get what you put out there, so start believing this and you’ll be sure to put the stuff you really want out into the universe ready to be manifested!


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