New Moon, New Year, New View

As 2013 comes to a close, I am reflecting on lessons learned this year.
Of course, I learned a lot and it’s still sinking in… we are always learning!

The message shouting loudest from this year is all about strength.
It’s no surprise that in this line of work, I have been hearing the words ‘Open Your Heart’ for years.
That has been my mission – accept, love, open up, open up, open up…

So, what does strength have to do with having an open heart?
Aren’t the 2 opposed?
It appears not.
After this year, I have truly seen that without inner strength, boundaries and self knowing an open heart won’t offer up the magic it has the potential to offer.
It turns out, the more strength you have, the more an open heart can serve yourself and others.

I feel my heart was open & I was ready to let anyone and everything in.
I was bendy like a pretzel on the physical plane as well as many others.

Then, the messages started to come in loud and clear.
Through 2013, after a series of events in my personal life, my lower back went out  and the shouting from inside of me as well as all around me (from my teachers and mentors) just got louder!
Strength, Boundaries, Self Worth, Self Knowing… the list goes on.
I had to let go of feeling ashamed of wanting these things – as it was now a necessity!
Wow, 2013 was all about strength.
So, yes… open your heart – go for it, without limits, crack that baby open!
Just make sure your legs, your roots, the foundations are strong!
So what’s up 2014?
Time to move forwards…
Wishing you a very happy New Moon, New Year … may all your dreams come true!


3 thoughts on “New Moon, New Year, New View

  1. Kathryn Dunne says:

    Happy New Year, Susan. 2013 was a really good year for me and the retreat in Costa Rica played a big part in that. Love to all at Finca da Vida! XXX

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