What happens when you are not fully *you*?

For a few weeks I have felt this blog post coming on.
Then when I heared myself giving someone the advice *I* needed to hear I knew it had finally hit home.
A couple of days ago I had a sudden flash of light and it’s brought me right out of my ‘blog writers block’ with this:
Be you!
That’s it! Be fully you!
This is a direct route to feeling fully content, peaceful and at ease.
Life will literally open up.
So, you’re walking down the street, bombarded by adverts and inputs of all kinds, telling us how we should and could be in order to be a *better* version of you. Everything is screaming – you’re not good enough! You need more! Try harder! Spend more money! Change this! Change that!
But does this constant influx of messages ever tell us “Stop trying to be anything other than you!”?
Why not?
I have never seen an advertisement tell me, “Don’t change a thing, you are prefect!”
Wouldn’t that be lovely?!

So what does happen when you are not fully you?
In my experience there is this background feeling that we are lacking something and sometimes resentment towards those who are fully themselves.
Then we find ourselves on the hunt…
We start seeking out ways to be ourselves but never quite getting there because we self-sabotage and hold ourselves back from fully embracing the truth.
For me, I *think* it all had to do with the fear of outside judgement.
My mind kept telling me… “Don’t go there Susan, the people around you will (a) Worry, (b) Run away or (c) Judge you and criticize…
Looking at this now I see that all of these things are nothing to do with me, in fact it is none of my business what other people think.
Worrying about these things was not only holding me back but also causing me more and more turmoil.

At the turn of the new year I decide to sit down and write it out – who am I and what makes me tick?
I didn’t get the answers right away and they sure didn’t come through thinking it out or writing, instead they came to me when I least expected it…

On a walk through the jungle without the input of anyone or anything outside of myself.
Just by being quiet and observant of the nature around me, answers flooded in.
Now when I stand back and look at the discoveries I made I feel completely liberated.
Knowing that it doesn’t matter what people think of me when I am being me is like cutting loose a noose around your neck.
If you cannot be fully you, you are instead slowly dying!
Those who know me probably see me as the kind of girl who already follows her heart almost all of the time, but you know, it was this last little thread that I had to cut loose to fully realize my potential!!!
Yes, it was scary at the time and very confronting to accept there’s going to be some changes ahead…
Things might not work out quite as my logical liner brain had planned!

2014 has already started out better than I could have dreamed of.
I have uncovered facets of me that I knew were there, I could really feel but *I* was not allowing to blossom.
I have not written for a while so I imagine this might have come out in a bit of a mess – but who cares?
Not me!

If you are willing to read this far and take from it what you will…
Don’t be afraid to be you!

And, know this – the people who unconditionally love you will stay.
Those who don’t, won’t!
– and that’s okay –
(scary – yes, uncomfortable – probably… but it’s still going to be okay!)
Who wants to spend the rest of their life on this earth MODIFYING themselves to be accepted?
Those who worry about you, will worry until they see you are in fact blossoming.
If your light shines too bright for them, know that all you are doing is deep down inspiring them to find theirs too.
If you are judged, it is only because they don’t know how to shine bright themselves yet… but if you keep shining, they’ll figure it out too.
You are loved.
Don’t be afraid,
Be *YOU*.
Live your life to the fullest possible expression you can.
Even if it makes you feel like a crazy nutcase – go for it!
It’s amazing to be you.


4 thoughts on “What happens when you are not fully *you*?

  1. Sofie says:

    Hi Susan,
    just read your blog and how lovely is that!! I am so pleased for you! And for everyone else reading it and taking in some of your wisdom. :-)!
    Hope to see you again one day!
    Heaps of love to you,

  2. Ridley says:

    The most difficult question
    I ever asked myself,
    was and still is,
    define yourself.

    I know just what you mean by finding answers in nature, well put.

    Hope you’re well Sue (you sound it!), looking forward to seeing you sometime soon, and hearing more about your Costa rican junglist adventures!

    Rid xx

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