When was the last time you looked in the mirror?
It was more recently than you might think.
The truth is ~ you are *always* looking in the mirror.
Today I guess I am taking the; “We are all one” idea a step further…

Having just arrived at my next step on my travels here in Costa Rica, the thought of writing here is not just possible, it’s exciting!
Yes, I am taking some long deep breaths in my new surroundings.
For a while there, the learning I was going through was so thick and fast that I was doing everything but sitting down and starting a blog post.
I contemplated packing in the blogging completely, then I realized this was not the end… just a quiet interlude that would serve me very well.
Taking this step back was a wonderful test of the ideas and thoughts I was having, and if indeed they would stay bold in my mind until I felt I was in a space to write.
Today’s topic comes out of this quiet blogging interlude… something that came up day after day in so many shapes and forms and contexts.


We are always looking in the mirror…
Not just in people, but in things too.
I first stumbled upon this ‘Mirror’ analogy when reading this book many years back.
It made sense right away and stuck hard when I read the words Everything you see is a reflection of who you are”
And then this expanded out in my psyche into what you see being a reflection of not only *who* you are but also *what* you are….

At the time I had no idea how deep that goes.

Those times when you tag someone, label something, judge someone, describe anything – “You are…. this or that way” is simply you acknowledging that very thing in your self.
For example, seeing that crazed anger in a person and judging them for it is simply an opportunity for you to notice ~ you only recognize it because it exists in you too.
Likewise, (and this is sometimes the harder one for some of us to swallow) when you see the beauty…
“Oh wow, you are so beautiful”, “That flower is so pretty”, “That man is so wise” and so on and so forth…
It is simply you seeing that beauty, wisdom and so on, in yourself!

How can this be true?
Simple… Because you can see it and you recognize it.
You cannot recognize something you don’t know and/or feel innately in yourself.

And so, as I said my goodbyes to Finca De Vida, my home for the last 4 months, I thought about this a lot.
All of the beauty, all of the magic and all those times I noticed something not so beautiful or magical…
I was simply looking right in to the mirror at myself.
Therefore the reason I felt so strongly called to share this is because it has been one of the most liberating and freeing practices I have found .
The best part in fully integrating this big truth is being able to use it as a tool in growing and becoming an even fuller expression of myself. Someone who is able to give my very best in this life & receive in equal abundance.
By using this, I have been able to spot the parts I need to work with, let go of, or let shine brighter than ever before!
What’s more, the unconditional love, acceptance and compassion I have found for others has grown ten fold.
What’s not to love about that?!

So if you feel like it, try it!
Next time you look around, know that what you are seeing and *how* you are seeing it is a direct reflection of you and what your state of being is.
Every song you love to listen to, person you love to look at, flower you admire, view that takes your breath away ~ that is all you! Along with all that other stuff you see too!
If you struggle to accept either parts of this puzzle ~ the so called ‘good’ or ‘bad’ ~ work on embracing it completely.
From here you will grow to not only accept others for where they are at on their journey, but most importantly *yourself*.


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