Ahh, blogging again.
Thus far, this year has been the year of the love:hate relationship with writing here.
Perhaps hate is a bit strong…
It is probably more like resistance… or fear…
Writing has been the last thing I’ve wanted to do in these times of lots of change….
Have you felt it too ~ a metamorphosis, a remodeling, a reshaping, a transformation, a revolution?
In that change, writing seems so pointless since tomorrow it will all be different again.
Writing stuff down sometimes just seems so concrete.
Instead I have been called to simply scribe some random words that have come to me…
I throw them down in my journal, knowing that a big shift is happening for us all … something is manifesting beyond our imagination.
Warning, my blogs have the potential to soon become a bunch of words that are not so well organized as this!!!
I feel inspired, awakened, curious and free…
One thing is for sure, my practice stays with me, which is what wanted to share today…
It is my desire & hope to send you an inspiring message to keep up with your practice.
Whatever it is…
Yoga, meditation, walking, running, singing, climbing, painting…
For me, a ‘practice’, of any kind, is what keeps you moving forwards serving your highest self.
A dear friend in Costa Rica shared with me recently the importance of having a ‘path’ (aka, practice).
I could not agree with him more.
Personally, in the last 5 weeks, my life has again been flipped like a pancake.
I am so grateful…. being on ‘a path’ of some kind has meant that no matter where in the world I am I have a place to connect to my center.
With that, I am able to see things with clarity and objectivity.
This daily centering, on and off my yoga mat… it doesn’t always come in the form of a physical yoga practice.
No matter where I am or how crazy it gets, I practice, I realign, I take the time to do that.
Similar to walking a tight-rope… I re-align my sight back to the path, where I learn the most which allows me to maintain that balance that keeps me moving forwards.
Ahhhh, but when  I do have somewhere to lay my mat, I do!
Feeling deep gratitude for the path, the practice, my teachers and YOU
Now, some runways of these last few months…

Finca De Vida

Finca De Vida, Costa Rica


Finca Mia, Costa Rica

New Paltz, NY

New Paltz, NY

Wishing you love and joy on your journey.
Till soon.


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