Today, you have a very unique opportunity…

Today’s Eclipse New Moon has come at just the right time…
Well, obviously, when else could it come?! 😉
If you are interested the Eclipse comes at exactly 7:04 p.m. BST, that’s 11:04 a.m. PDT for my friends across the pond!
And a short 10 minutes later (11:14 a.m. PDT) the moment of new moon will also be upon us.
This is a potent time to meditate and focus your deepest inner truth and intentions.
After this hugely revealing (yet totally necessary) time for us all, we can take today as if it were the deepest exhalation you have ever experienced.
I urge you to sit back & connect to your inner wisdom that allows you to just stop and *BE*.
I am fortunate enough to be spending my time with some very dear sisters today.
Together we will ground in and allow this day to support us in the forward motion that is bringing on some epic shifts in all of our realities.
No more illusions, no more suppression, no more lies or blind belief.
Its time for clarity, reality, freedom of spirit, truth…
Things still might not feel ‘easy’ by you can rest assured today has the potential to ‘fill your cup’ with the strength you need to go on.
All that said, Mystic Mamma puts it *so* well here I am not even going to try and go in to this any further!
Read on to find out why, what, how and more…



Suddosi Buddosi

Suddhosi buddhosi
Naranja nasee
Samsara maya
Parear jay daasi
Samsara swapanan
Traja mohar nejrum
Nanjama mrityor
Jay satsvar rupee

You are forever pure
You are forever true
And the dreams of this world
Can never touch you
So give up your attachments
And give up your confusions
And fly to that space that’s
Beyond all illusions . . .


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